How to Deal with Tiredness During Pregnancy?

Experiencing fatigue and tiredness during pregnancy is something normal. This is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy and the same feeling returns towards the end of your pregnancy.

It is caused by the changes that occur in your body and also because of the stress that you have to cope with.

When does tiredness while being pregnant appear?

As it has been mentioned tiredness while being pregnant appears in the first trimester, when almost everything is about the new mommy. In the second trimester the fetus will be in the center of your body’s attention, and so you might experience a higher energy level during the day.

Tiredness During PregnancyNonetheless you can’t escape tiredness while being pregnant because it returns when you are 7 months pregnant. You will also experience pain and feel the baby move, not to mention that you will have to cope with heartburn as well.

Managing tiredness during pregnancy

One of the easiest ways to cope with this problem is to get more sleep. Try to have 8 hours of sleep at night even if this means that you will have to go to bed earlier.

Also remember that 15 minutes of napping also counts, so in case you are working in an office and you have a door, shut it and rest for a little while. You could also do so in an empty conference room or in the backseat of your car.

Changes in your schedule if you experience tiredness while being pregnant

You shouldn’t try to do the same activities as you did before. In case you are a stay-at-home mom you should find someone to look after the kids while you rest a bit.

If you are working in another place and you experience tiredness during pregnancy try to make some arrangements so that you can take some of your work home and work in the weekends, so you could go home earlier. If you feel tired and you aren’t really up for work, you should call in sick, stay home and rest.

Healthy nutrition

Tiredness during pregnancy is related to the kind of nutrition that you have. Although some people say that you have to eat for two, in the first period you shouldn’t eat more than normally. In the last trimester you need 300 extra calories that should consist in fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grains and meat that gives you energy.


If you experience tiredness while being pregnant then you should drink water instead of other things and also reduce the amount of caffeine. In case you don’t like to get up during the night to urinate, you could reduce the water intake before bedtime, but make sure that you make up for it during the day.


This isn’t important only because of your silhouette, but it could help with tiredness during pregnancy too. It will improve your mood and also boosts your energy level as it will help you to have a healthy self-image.


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