Deal With Your Emotional Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposedly a very joyful time for the women when she comes to her own and realizes she is complete in her feminity and is oozing out maternal instincts downing her in a beautiful aura. A lovely picture indeed, but, not always true. More often than not you will find women teary eyed and doubtful about their own body, about the baby’s birth, their own capability to be able to handle labour pains and inability to cope up with the stress of constant mood swings as a result of hormonal changes.

mood swings

Although the picture given sounds depressing, it is possible to address the moodiness that you may feel during pregnancy. Understanding that it is perfectly normal to feel this way is the first step that you can take towards feeling better and enjoying this wonderful time, bonding with your partner and the unborn baby.

Mood swings

The hormones play havoc at the time of pregnancy which causes these mood swings. You may feel overwhelmed by the way these mood swings affect you. However understand that you have no control over these emotional upheavals.

Few women even face extreme effects like depression, panic, increased reactivity to things and crying. Do understand that these are not only happening to you and are perfectly normal during pregnancy. Once you and your partner realizes this, you will see that it will become easier to cope up with the mood swings.

Lower Self Esteem

A lot of physical changes affect the woman’s body during pregnancy. This may lead to a feeling of inadequacy and low self- esteem as the increased body size may make you feel fat and unattractive. However, this is not true. Pregnant women are the most sensuous as they are the epitome of fertility. Be proud of the fact that you are now going to be a mother, and take pride in that baby bump.

Fear of Labour Pain 

As the date of your delivery draws nearer, you will find that labour pains take up most of your worries. Keeping yourself well informed about childbirth and delivery, will make you confident of yourself. Being less worried will make you feel less pain during the delivery too.

Concerns about the Child’s Safety

It is natural to feel worried about your child’s safety. Worries like whether or not you will be able to take care of your child once he or she is born, will you be able to cope up with the day to day caring of your baby, whether or not your child will be healthy. You might get nightmares about your unborn child suffering in some kind due to your negligence.

Please understand that these are the excerpts from your overworking mind. Try to draw strength from your support circle of your spouse, parents, friends and other women who can share your worries and concerns regarding your baby’s safety and well- being.

Be Expressive

Last but not the least, be expressive about how you feel. Talk to other women who are pregnant or have had children of their own, or talk to your mother. Understand that the more you express your feelings, the closer you will come to the realization that you are not the only one who feels the way you are feeling.

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