Dealing with Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when several types of medical conditions can strike and a woman may be more prone to common health ailments like cold, cough and diarrhea among others.  This could be a result of shift in hormones, changes in the diet and stress etc.

In fact if a pregnant woman encounters diarrhea, it may even lead to other conditions which could be hard to cure without taking medication that may not be good for the growing fetus.  So if you wish to know ways to deal with diarrhea during pregnancy in the safest possible way, you can go through the following given points and suggestions:

dealing with diarrhea during pregnancyGive it Some Time

Most cases of diarrhea clear up by themselves in a few days’ times and hence it would be good if you give it time and wait for it to go.  This is especially true if your diarrhea is caused due to a virus or a bug or food poisoning.  Keep yourself hydrated during this period.

Avoid Problematic Foods

Another way to deal with diarrhea during pregnancy is to avoid all kinds of problematic foods. There are certain food groups that can worsen and condition and some of them include spicy foods, high-fat foods, dairy products and milk, high-fiber foods and fried foods. So it is better to stay away from them until your condition clears out as this is an effective way to deal with it.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to deal with diarrhea and its symptoms is to keep yourself as hydrated as possible.  When you have loose bowel movements and water movements, then the body tends to lose a lot of fluid and hence it can become dehydrated. At this point, it is important to drink water or others kinds of fluids like fresh fruit juices and others to maintain the water levels in the body.  Dehydration during pregnancy can be serious and may make you lose important electrolytes, vitamins and minerals from the body.

Pay Attention to your Diet

When you are suffering from diarrhea during pregnancy, then it is a good idea to pay a lot of attention to your diet. You must try and include the foods which may provide you some relief and some of these include starchy foods like potatoes, crackers and unsweetened cereals, lean meats, vegetables like carrots, yogurt which has live active cultures and non-milk-based soups which contain vegetables, rice or noodles. It is important to avoid high sugar drinks which can squeeze out water from your body and aggravate the diarrhea.

Consult a Healthcare Provider

If none of these methods work even after a few days, then it is better to consult a healthcare provider and get prescribed treatment or medicines. It is not wise to wait or rely totally on diet and water to clear the condition as it can prove serious for the baby. Thus you must contact your doctor to figure out what the cause is and how the problem can be cured.


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