More About Gestational Diabetes Menu

Before thinking about the gestational diabetes menu you should know that this is the kind of diabetes which only affects pregnant women.

The glucose metabolism gets back to normal after childbirth. During pregnancy women have high blood sugar levels that could lead to complications.

Gestational Diabetes Menu

In case of this condition it is possible for the baby to grow larger than he or she should and so the baby could be stuck in the birth canal. In the same time diabetes can also cause premature birth, resulting in respiratory problems of the baby. The baby could also have higher chances of being affected by type 2 diabetes.

What to have for breakfast?

When thinking about the diet for gestational diabetes, for breakfast you should have some whole grain bread along with a slice of cheese and two egg whites. Also you could have a cup of skimmed milk. You also have the possibility to have a cup of decaf tea or coffee.

If you are thinking about the gestational diabetes diet, it is also a good idea to have a morning snack. For instance you could have 2/3 cups of cottage cheese and some whole wheat crackers. In your case it is important to have frequent meals to maintain your energy level.


In case you are thinking about gestational diabetes nutrition and lunch, consider having 2-4 ounces of chicken breast fried in olive oil or baked. Besides this you could also have half or one cup of brown rice. Having a cup of salad is also a good idea and you can substitute this for ½ cup of green vegetables, cooked.

Pregnant women could have some beverages in their nutrition for gestational diabetes, such as water, soymilk or skimmed milk. As desert have a half a cup of fruits. If you get hungry between lunchtime and dinner, it is a good idea to have a snack. Think about having half a banana and a couple of tablespoons of almonds.


For dinner the foods for gestational diabetes include three to four ounces of fish, such as salmon or tuna. It is important to limit the weekly intake of seafood so that you won’t have too much mercury in your body. You could also have some baked potato and a teaspoon of butter along with a half of cup of cooked vegetables.

When it comes to the beverages for the gestational diabetes foods you could have a cup of soymilk or skimmed milk or some water. As a desert you could have some chocolate cake without flour or a smaller chocolate chip cookie. Having some fresh fruit is also a good choice.

Snack ideas

If you are looking for snacks for gestational diabetes, there are a lot of different foods that you could consider. These include six ounces of low fat or light yogurt, an orange, three graham crackers, some whole wheat bread and almond or peanut butter.

There are a lot of foods that your gestational diabetes diet menu could include.


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