The Most Common Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The truth about the symptoms of gestational diabetes is that they can be quite misleading. It is possible for some women not to show any signs at all. If there are signs they could include being thirsty, tired and feeling an urge to urinate. However as you can see these are nonspecific symptoms.

Feeling differently

Some of the women say that one of the gestational diabetes symptoms is that they feel differently. Since there is no better way to characterize the way they feel, the best way to find out whether you are affected or not is to get tested during your pregnancy.

Symptoms of Gestational DiabetesThe women who were affected by the condition say, that they felt fatigued and nausea after they ate fruits. Although a lot of women have fruits because it makes them feel better, if you feel uneasy after eating them you should get checked out by your doctor to make sure that everything is alright.

When it comes to the signs of gestational diabetes some of the women say that they feel the effects of having too many carbs. In the same time they feel bad after drinking juice. Although it may sound weird, some of the affected women claim that they feel tired and sleepy after they have anything with sugar.

A variety of symptoms of gestational diabetes in pregnancy

It is possible for women to see different symptoms at the different stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women claim that at the beginning they feel very thirsty and they have a frequent urge to urinate. Also they feel that they have a lack of energy and that they are lethargic.

Women could also gain some weight as one of the gestational diabetes signs because their bodies retain water. Sometimes women see changes in their vision as the baby progresses. Women could feel a tingling sensation in their toes or fingers. It is also possible for women to throw up after eating.

Dry mouth can also affect pregnant women as one of the symptoms of gestational diabetes. In order to feel better it is important for women to follow the advice of their doctor. It is best to see a nutritionist that would create a special diet for you. Once you start the diet you will certainly start feeling better.

Risk factors

It is more likely to see the warning signs of gestational diabetes if you were overweight before you got pregnant. Also there are some high-risk ethnic groups, such as Black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American. Another risk factor is having sugar in your urine.

The women who have some family history of diabetes also have higher chances of being affected by the condition. If you had a previous baby that weighed more than 9 pounds at birth or if you delivered a stillborn baby, you are also more likely to be affected by gestational diabetes.

As you can see there are several possible symptoms of gestational diabetes in pregnancy. If you feel like there is something wrong, it is best to get checked out.


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