The Cause for Early Pregnancy Cramping

It is very common for women to experience early pregnancy cramping.

This is something very similar to the cramping that they experience when they expect to have their period. Because of this a lot of women are certain that they will have their period and they wear a pad all day, but then nothing happens.

Information about cramps during early pregnancy

There are many different things leading to cramping of this kind, such as implantation, the changes happening in the uterus that is getting ready for the baby or hormonal changes. This symptom could also be accompanied by spotting, which makes women really believe that they have their period.

Early Pregnancy CrampingIf you experience early pregnancy cramps, the spotting that accompanies it is usually light and it doesn’t last longer than 2-3 days.

In case your period is late and you experienced some cramps maybe it is time for you to take a home pregnancy test or to see a doctor.

Something normal

Although some women are alerted by early pregnancy cramping, in the majority of the cases there is a totally normal explanation for it.

It doesn’t have to be a scary sign and it doesn’t mean that you missed your chance of getting pregnant that month. The normal signs of pregnancy include uterine pain, low back pain and spotting.

No matter what you may be thinking about the cramps during early pregnancy, you shouldn’t give them more importance than they really have: just cramps caused by the muscles of the uterus expanding to make room for the baby, implantation of the egg or the changes of hormones.

When the early pregnancy cramps happens it means that the embryo is getting implanted into the lining of the uterus and this alone can cause spotting and cramping. The women who had several children could also experience a sudden and strong pain in their groin or hip.

The good news about the early pregnancy cramping is that usually the pain associated gets better with standing and walking, but it may be quite strong when the women stand up. A lot of women have been asking their doctor about the symptoms that they have, but there is no concrete answer because every woman is different.

When it comes to the cramps during early pregnancy, the pain that you feel in the groin is caused by the tendons that get weaker because of the pregnancy hormones and that are prone to cramping. The only thing you could do is to have some exercises to strengthen the muscles to compensate the weaknesses.

In case you are affected by early pregnancy cramps, the best thing you could do is to do a lot of walking. The advantage of this activity is that it will help you manage the pain and in the same time with its help labor and childbirth will become easier, not to mention that you will become fit.

Communication with the doctor

There are some worrisome signs regarding early pregnancy cramping. You should make sure to tell your doctor if you experience cramps that are gradually getting worse, heavy spotting, or persistent cramping that lasts for more than 6 weeks. If the cramps appear in the lower side of your abdomen, this could suggest an ectopic pregnancy.

There is another thing to think about regarding cramps during early pregnancy: these being caused by gallbladder disease. Usually this is an odd pain in the upper abdomen right under the rib cage.

You can see that there are various reasons for early pregnancy cramps and that you shouldn’t get alarmed by them because sometimes they are normal.


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