Eating Disorders Can Cause More Problems During Pregnancy

Relatively less research on the topic has been done, and hence the study field of Dr Breda Broussard; that of pregnant women with eating disorders becomes even more vital.

pregnancy and eating disordersOne reason why this issue is often not detected is that those with eating disorders are hesitant about broaching the subject with their care givers.

According to Dr Broussard, it is often a case of the person waiting for someone to ask them about their problem.

There is also the fact that if a woman thinks that there could be something that is harmful for her unborn baby, she is less likely to discuss it or may simply be embarrassed to broach the subject.

With disorders such as bulimia, doctors may not even notice the eating disorder since the woman may appear to be of normal weight.

For this reason it becomes important for proper diagnosis of eating disorder symptoms with proper questions being asked about behaviors indulged in during pregnancy, and meeting the needs of women with eating disorders during their pregnancy.

It is important to raise awareness of the issue of eating disorders while pregnant, so that women and their pregnancy receive the support that they need.


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