Is Flying During Pregnancy Safe?

You will usually hear from people that flying during pregnancy is a big no-no. In fact, there are many airlines that will not allow you to fly during this time due to the potential problems to you and the baby.

You may find that you have to opt for different forms of travel to go on holiday. Of course, this mainly depends on the stage of pregnancy that you are in.

Flying during pregnancy – The early stages

It is generally safe to fly during pregnancy when you are in your first or second trimester. However, you should talk to your doctor about this first of all. There are times when flying is not safe during any of the stages of pregnancy.pregnant flying

If you have suffered from spotting at any time during your pregnancy or have had a previous baby born early, you will usually be advised to avoid flying. The same advice is put in place if you have diabetes or suffer from high blood pressure.

Flying during pregnancy – morning sickness

There are times that you will choose to avoid flying while pregnant. This is usually during the first trimester if you are suffering from morning sickness, especially if you suffer from travel sickness too. This usually makes the second trimester the best time to fly.

Another benefit of the second trimester is that you will have more energy. The first and third trimesters are usually the most taxing on the body, which means you will not be able to enjoy your holiday or cope with numerous business meetings. In the second trimester, however, you stand more chance of being awake and alert during the day.

Flying during pregnancy – the third trimester

Just because you have reached the 28 week mark does not mean that you have to stop flying. In fact, it is generally safe to fly up until week 36 of pregnancy. However, this is only if you have not had a complicated pregnancy during any stage.

You will need to check with the airline that you are flying with. There are some who will stop pregnant women from flying after the 28 week mark. This is due to the risk of going into premature labor while on the flight. You will not be asked about whether you are expecting while booking the ticket but you may be stopped at the gate. To prevent this from happening, have your doctor give you a letter stating the permission to fly and confirm your due date.

The policies of travel will differ from airline to airline so you will need to check with whoever you book. Do not just assume that one airline will take you because another will. Smaller airlines are more likely to not let your fly during pregnancy due to the pressure in the cabins.

Is it wise to fly during pregnancy?

This is not just about whether the airlines will take you; you also need to determine whether it is wise for yourself to travel while you are pregnant. There may be times that this is unavoidable, especially if you are travelling for business. However, there are other times when you will be able to change your holiday dates.

Remember how uncomfortable planes are anyway and then magnify that with your bump. You will also need to consider whether you will be able to evacuate the plane if there is an emergency or the chances of going into labor while you are abroad.


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