Top 8 Foods which prevent constipation during pregnancy

It is a most common thing that many pregnant women have been experiencing constipation problem.  This mainly happens due to increase in hormones in the body and pressure of the womb against the intestines, the problem can keep the increase in the coming days. Taking medication or stool softening drug can cure the problem, but there are many natural foods which can reduce the constipation problem during pregnancy.

The following are top 8 foods which can cure constipation naturally and they support healthy digestive system during pregnancy.


Top 8 Foods which prevent constipation during pregnancy


  1. Flax seeds
    Flax seeds are brown, flat and tiny seeds are packed with many nutrients, fiber and low in carbohydrates. This helps you to reduce the constipation problem and helps in easy bowel movement. Flaxseeds are also a healthy food for pregnant women as it contains good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant and other important minerals.
  2. Lentils
    Lentils can be prepared quickly and easily it gives a wonderful flavor to all dishes. Lentils have a good source of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins which will not only help in constipation but also maintains blood glucose levels and reduces cholesterol in the body. Along with lentils, you can include beans, peas which are full of dietary fiber. Just consuming a half cup of beans, lentils or peas will provide you a good amount of fiber which can effectively cure constipation.
  3. Almonds
    Almonds are tasty and nutritious nuts packed with good amounts of fiber, vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidant. As it is rich in fiber it will help to reduce the constipation problem during pregnancy. Along with almonds, you can also include a handful of nuts like pistachio, peanuts, walnuts, etc.
  4. Oats
    It had been said that by eating one cup of oatmeal an every day can keep the doctor away because it has many health advantages like lowers the cholesterol, risk of diabetes, cancer, normalizes the blood sugar, blood pressure and reduces constipation. Oats are filled of soluble fiber, which softening stool and help to maintain the healthy bowel movement. Oats also contain insoluble fiber, which increases stool bulk; it is completely safe to consume by the pregnant women.
  5. Spinach
    As we all know that spinach is full of fiber, one cup of cooked spinach can provide you up to 4 grams of fiber. Along with fiber it also contains magnesium, which can help in bowel movement. Magnesium is a mineral when is found in many laxatives.
  6. Pears
    Pears are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They also considered as one of the high fibrous fruits, by eating this delicious fruit you can get rid of bathroom discomfort. Because one pear along with its skin will provide your daily fiber intake.
  7. Berries
    This super fruit contains good amounts of powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients. In each bite you can experience the tiny seeds, which are rich in fiber content helps to cure constipation. Include half a cup of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries and get about four grams of fiber.
  8. Apples
    A small apple along with it’s the skin provides you 3.6 grams of fiber. Many fruits and vegetable skin contains insoluble fiber, which acts as a natural laxative. So try to include various types of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This way you can eliminate constipation and also garb many important nutrients.

All these above foods can help you in treating constipation effectively. If your constipation is kept increasing and you find abdominal pain and bleeding during pooping then consult your doctor as soon as possible. 


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