Gas During Pregnancy – Solving the Issue

Although it is quite embarrassing in some situations, pregnant women are known to be passing gas during pregnancy.

This is caused by the pregnancy hormones that slow down the passing of food through the digestive tract. Nonetheless this isn’t a problem that is bothering for the baby.

Staying regular and passing gas while being pregnant

Although constipation is a major problem during pregnancy, you should do your best to stay regular. Don’t forget that constipation could lead to bloating and gas. Still you should avoid taking different kinds of laxatives or other substances.

Gas During Pregnancy

If you have problems with passing gas while being pregnant, you should make sure that you eat often, but only small meals.

When you have a lot to eat all you do is to overload your digestive system and you put even more pressure on the digestive tract that is already suffering.

The women who pass gas during pregnancy should give up the two or three large meals and instead of them, they should try to have 6 smaller meals.

This way the job of the digestive system gets easier and women won’t have that many problems with bloating, gas and constipation.

No gulping

Gas while being pregnant usually appears when women are in a hurry and they eat very fast, swallowing a lot of air. These bubbles of air get into your digestive tract and you can imagine that they have to come out in one form or the other and you can imagine which method they use.

Keep your calm

You could swallow air even if you are anxious or you have some tension and this leads to gas during pregnancy. In order to relax before meals, it may be helpful to take a few deep breaths or to use some other kind of relaxation technique. This is something that the maternity classes can help you with.

Gas producers

Some of the foods that you have can make you pass gas while being pregnant. These foods vary from one person to the other and you have to find yours. Usually women have problems with onions, rich sauces, fried foods, cabbage, carbonated beverages, sugary sweats and also beans.

Medication and treatments

In order to avoid gas during pregnancy you should talk to your practitioner before you take any kind of medication, natural or not. One of the best things that you could do in order not to get in awkward situations is to have a bit of chamomile tea that soothes different kinds of indigestion caused by pregnancy.

Another secret regarding passing gas while being pregnant is to have some hot water with lemon. No matter how far-fetched this may sound you can be sure that it works as well as any kind of over-the-counter medication.

You may see that there is a lot you can do regarding gas during pregnancy and the main point is for you to feel good. Naturally you also have to think about the people around you too.


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