H1N1 And Pregnant Women

Statistics show that at any given time, about 1% of the American population is composed of pregnant women. However, in terms of the proportion of pregnant women died from the H1N1 Swine Flu, they comprised 5% of the total deaths. These facts and figures were found by a recently concluded study.

The swine flu death rate among pregnant women was found to be higher than expected. Pregnant women are thought to be more susceptible or vulnerable to swine flu; in fact any flu outbreak. This is because the body’s immune responses and defenses are lowered at this time so that infection is both easier to catch and seen to be more severe as well.

h1n1 and pregnancyThis was also because women who waited a few days before opting for treatment were more likely to need intensive care.

On the other hand, pregnant women who sought treatment promptly were far less likely to be admitted to ICU.

Some 788 pregnant women reported having swine flu like symptoms during the pandemic. Out of those, 30 women developed deadly complications and died as a result of them. This number is 5% of the total swine flu deaths reported, the study found.

For this reason pregnant women need to be more careful about hygiene or contact with infected people.

Source: HealthDay


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