Is It Safe To Use Homeopathy Medicines During Pregnancy?

The answer to this question is –‘Not Sure’.

However, there are number of cases that favour the effectiveness of homeopathy medicines during pregnancy.

The Food and Drug Administration Department (FDA) do not control the safety of homeopathic remedies and its effectiveness. The FDA conducts rigorous investigations on all Allopathic, also termed as English medicines, including prescribed and over the counter drugs, before they are rated for pregnancy.

The ratings are divided into vast categories; from Category A drugs that are considered to be completely safe during pregnancy to Category X drugs that should be in all haste avoided in this period.

Is It Safe To Use Homeopathy Medicines During Pregnancy?

So what’s the deal with homeopathic medications?

Many homeopathic medicine’s ingredients are not active and they are not subjected to same testing protocols. In many cases we don’t even know what goes in these drugs. Which is why obstetrics and gynaecologists feel since there is no relevant study that confirms its safety, it is best to avoid homeopathy.

However, we know doctors as well as pregnant women, who delivered healthy babies, vouch for homeopathy treatment during pregnancy.

While most doctors prescribe allopathic medications, there are a number of homeopathic medicines which can be proven beneficial for moms to be.

Before we dig deep into the subject, let’s understand what is Homeopathy?

What do homeopathic medicines contain?

Homeopathy is around for several centuries now and the medicines are prescribed for specific symptoms. Homeopathy treatment is given in the form of liquid or tablet by diluting substances in several percentages.

The medicines trigger a body’s natural healing process which cures the illness substantially. Unlike allopathic medicines, Homeopathy cannot treat all health issues.  However, it is in general considered completely safe during pregnancy. In fact we have had women who have been treated for gum infection and easy delivery with homeopathy.

Some facts about homeopathy medications during pregnancy:

  • Homeopathy medicines are available in different strength. However, dilution between 3X to 30X are advised when you are expecting.
  • Tablets are recommended for pregnant moms. Although the treatment is available in liquid form, as mother tincture as well.
  • Homeopathy targets your body’s natural healing process i.e. the immune system. Therefore it is highly beneficial for your child’s growth.
  • The medicines are prescribed for specific symptoms and conditions, unlike allopathic medications. Therefore, it is effective in treating particular problems without causing any side effects.
  • Homeopathy does not supress the symptoms; rather it provokes the immune system to fight the infection or symptom and heal the body.
  • Homeopathy works completely well along with allopathic medicines as it does not produce any side effect.
  • Homeopathy, since it is diluted, is not effective when taken with strong smelling food such as onion, garlic and other spices. Therefore it works best when they are consumed 15 minutes before or after having meal.
  • Garlic, onion and other strong smelling food should be avoided half an hour before and after having the medicine.

“Here’s a word of caution: Homeopathy is curated with herbs and extracts. And therefore only a certified and registered Homeopath will be able to guide you with proper medication and dose. Please consult your health care provider before you take the medicines.”

Homeopathy Medicines for Pregnancy

Here’s a list of Homeopathic Medicines that can be taken when expecting baby;

  1. Calcarea Phosphorica – It is useful for bone development of the baby. Prevents calcium depletion and is a supplement for calcium tabs.
  1. Kali Phosphoricum – It helps to treat the common symptoms of pregnancy such as mood swings, insomnia and depression. Also enhances in brain development of the unborn baby.
  1. Ferrum Phosphoricum – It regulates iron level in the body. Stimulates healthy blood formation in the baby and fights anaemia in mothers.
  1. Sepia, Colchicum, Pulsatilla, Nux and Epicac – These are prescribed for different symptoms of nausea and morning sickness as well as moodiness and crankiness. The medications are prescribed in different combinations.
  1. Chelidonium or Phosphorous – Treating constipation and dark stools.
  1. Nux Vomica – It is used to tone down the stomach acids and prevent nausea.
  1. Magnesium Phosphoricum – Its dosage is prescribed in the treatment of stomach pain, muscle cramps, and relaxation of tense muscles due to over mental exertion.
  1. Lycopodium – It is very effective to reduce bloating after you have meals.
  1. Carbo Veg – It is prescribed to reduce shooting pain in stomach along with acidity and gassiness.

Homeopathy is also useful in treating weakness after pregnancy, postnatal depression, pelvic muscle strengthening, dental pain during pregnancy, gingivitis, body ache, varicose veins and other psychological problems that is normal when you are a new mom.


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