Dealing With Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

Yes, hot flashes are a very common symptom of menopause but they are also a common occurrence during pregnancy too. There is generally one reason why women will suffer from hot flashes during pregnancy: hormones.

Why hormones cause regular hot flashes during pregnancy

The level of hormones will change on a regular basis. There are usually drops in the amount of estrogen in your body throughout the day, which leads to large amount of heat suddenly attacking the body. This will lead to you preferring to not have the blankets for a few minutes and then quickly pulling them back on when the heat leaves and the hormones increase flashes

Where the regular hot flashes during pregnancy happen

Most women will feel hotter around the head and chest area and it affects around 10 percent of pregnancies. While they can happen during the pregnancy first trimester, they are usually more common during the final six months. Many postnatal women will also find that the hot flashes occur – in fact, around 90 percent of postnatal women complain of hot flashes.

Hormones continue to increase and decrease after pregnancy. Mothers who breastfeed their babies are more likely to have the hot flashes due to the lower hormone levels. These are normal and they will go away on their own; they will not harm the baby.

Knowing hot flashes during pregnancy against a fever

There are times that you will feel hot and it is not due to hot flashes. This is when you will be running a temperature and you need to know how to tell the difference between the two. Hot flashes will not have any effect on the overall temperature of your body, whereas a fever will. It can put your baby at a high risk.

A fever is usually due to infection, which is also dangerous for a baby. You should always take your body temperature if you do feel hot for a prolonged time to check if it is a problem. Anything over 100 F is something to be concerned about and you should call your doctor immediately.

How to cope with hot flashes during pregnancy

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about the level of hormones in your body. It means that you need to find other ways to be able to cope with the problem. There are a number of methods that expectant mothers have come up with to help lower the heat that they feel.

One of the best options is to do with your clothing. The best option is to wear layers so that you can remove items when you start to have hot flashes during pregnancy. When the heat goes, you can then put that layer back on. You may also want to consider cool baths to help but avoid going for cold water since the flashes will be on and off and extreme cold will be harmful for your baby.

Just remember that these hot flashes will eventually go away after pregnancy – once your hormones are settled down. Just be prepared for when they hit during menopause.


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