How to Alleviate Pregnancy Back Pain Naturally

Back pain is very common during pregnancy and affects 60-70% of women. The pain is caused due to the hormone relaxin that is produced during pregnancy and permits the ligaments in the region of the pelvic to relax and the joints to become loose as a preparation for the birth process. This hormone causes the ligaments that support the spine, to loosen up causing pain and instability. Back pain during pregnancy can be eased out with a number of natural remedies like massage, acupuncture, exercise, herbal remedies and so on.


The Natural Ways to Ease Pain During pregnancy:


The best exercises to be done during pregnancy are walking, stretching, but it should be done to an extent the body permits. Swimming can also be done but breaststroke should be avoided. Yoga classes customized for pregnant women can be taken.


A gentle massage brings quite a lot of relief to back pain, though the relief is temporary. No massaging should be done in the dimples on either side of your lower spine as these are acupuncture points and would cause the onset of contractions.


The theory of acupuncture is that it makes use of fine needles that stimulate certain points in the body to ease symptoms and improve health by releasing the energy pathways. There is evidence to support that acupuncture improves lower back and pelvic pain.


A compress or warm bath is effective in easing out back pain. A cloth soaked in warm water containing 2-3 drops of ylang ylang or lavender essential oil and pressed on your back can help to alleviate back pain appreciably. This is the main essence of the aromatherapy.

5.Herbal remedies

A medical herbalist should be consulted before trying out herbal remedies. Devil’s claw is a herbal remedy which should be used with a lot of caution during pregnancy and only after consulting a professional.


The arnica cream of homeopathy gives good results for relieving back pain. If the pain worsens, this cream may be tried for marvellous results.



Meditation can be practiced by simply lying down or sitting up and focusing on breathing. It has shown to elicit a relaxation response that stimulates the brain to control the release of stress hormones and thereby reduce its toxic effects, such as muscle tension and high blood pressure.

8.Other therapies

  • The Alexander Technique: This is a gentle and non-invasive way of releasing tensions which interfere with effective working of muscles. This technique can help you to deal effectively with the issues of stiffness, discomfort, or pain that are caused by any work. By learning this technique you can reduce the back pain appreciably.
  • The Reflexology Therapy: It is the application of the appropriate pressure to specific points, like the feet, ears and hands. Reflexologists believe that, these reflex points and areas correspond to the different systems and body organs, and pressing them has a beneficial effect on the person’s general health and the organs of the body. Though there is no strong evidence that reflexology works well to ease back pain but the treatment is certainly relaxing.

A constant gnawing back pain can be very annoying and discomforting but with proper exercise and the other natural remedies mentioned above you can deal with the pain quite effectively and sail through your pregnancy.


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