How To Avoid Tension Headaches During Pregnancy?

Does it seem like everything going wrong during your pregnancy?

Most women think that something is going wrong with various changes that take place in their body and suffer with tension headaches during their precious pregnancy period.

However, it is purely your imagination and it is only because of pregnancy hormones effect on your mind.

So, if you are really worried about tension headaches, find effective ways to get rid of tension headaches during pregnancy.

  1. Apply cold compress on your face, eyes and also at the back of your neck to get better relief from headaches. This is one of the best ways to get rid of tension headaches during pregnancy.
  2. Surround yourself with beautiful things so that you can avoid negative thoughts and as a result you can avoid tension headaches successfully.
  3. Go for a walk to visit beautiful places like beautiful gardens, where you can enjoy the awe of flowers, butterflies, kids playing etc. This way you can stay away from thinking negative.
  4. You can also apply eucalyptus oil on your forehead, whenever you feel extreme discomfort with tension headaches.
  5. Take enough rest and relax yourself for enough time. When you are pregnant, it is very essential to take enough rest and don’t forget to keep regular sleep schedule.


  1. I found your post searching around trying to find out what could be causing my pregnant wife’s headaches. She had a doozy tonight and just emailed her the above post to read. Thanks!


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