How To Deal With Cracked Feet When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy will affect many parts of your body. Your stomach is getting larger and your legs and feet may be beginning to swell.

You may have started to walk funny with a waddle. As if you did not have enough things to deal with already you now have to deal with feet that are cracked and hurt.

This condition is usually caused by not enough moisture in your skin. It can also be affected by your skin type and your age.

Your skin cracking on your feet is not uncommon amongst pregnant women.

Things That Cause Cracked Feet

While you are pregnant you will be gaining extra weight and this extra weight can affect your feet. The extra pounds that you are gaining are adding pressure to the bottom of your feet and this can cause the cracking of your skin.

Also if you are a person who already has a problem with dry skin then you may be pre disposed to this condition. Your medications can also be a culprit when it comes to your feet becoming cracked. The ingredients in these medications may break down the oils in your feet.

If you are pregnant and you still have to stand on your feet all day while working then you are more susceptible to having your feet crack. Cracked feet can also be more prevalent if you are a pregnant woman who is older.

Solutions for Cracked Feet

Use a specific type of skin moisturizer that is made especially for dry, cfoot careracked skin. Apply this moisturizer to your feet before you go to bed and make sure you sleep in socks so they can hold in the moisturizer that has been placed on your feet. [Foot Care]

You will want to continue using foot cream and lotions for dry skin on a daily basis to prevent your feet from cracking again. Another thing you can try is soaking your feet in a wonderful foot bath to soften the skin.

An oatmeal bath will work great to sooth your dry feet. You can use Aloe Vera as a natural healing agent for your cracked feet as well. It will sooth and rejuvenate your feet. If your cracked feet get to the point where they are bleeding you may have to consult your physician for medication.

Things Not To Do

If you are going barefoot a lot then this can lead to dry cracked feet. You will also not want to wear shoe types that are open at the toe or on the back of them. This will open your feet to the elements such as dirt, and grime that can make your feet crack.

Something else that you will not want to do is to wash your feet in cold water all the time because this could cause them to dry out.

Having dry, cracked feet while you are pregnant can be very uncomfortable for you and it can make it hard for you to walk. Try these simple solutions and you should see quite an improvement.


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