How To Handle Foot Pain During Pregnancy?

Foot pain during pregnancy is most debilitating problem for every one and it can occur at any stage of pregnancy.

However, most of you would experience it during second phase of gestational period.

So, when you are learning about solving out health problems during pregnancy, ensure that you also learn how to handle foot related problems.

  1. Exercise walking regularly because this is the best way to prevent various health related problems including foot pain or swollen feet during pregnancy.
  2. Maintain healthy weight and reduce unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy which can lead to swollen feet and other foot problems as well.
  3. Don’t sleep on your back; instead sleep on your side. Don’t forget to take balanced diet and consume enough fluids regularly.
  4. Practice rotation exercises to improve blood circulation in ankles. Rotate your ankles 10 times right and 10 times left, according to your comfort levels and then gradually switch on to your legs and continue exercises.
  5. Don’t keep your feet in one particular position for long periods. Try to elevate them as often as possible and for every 15-20 minutes, try to raise your legs 6 to 12 inches above your heart. This will help you to maintain proper blood flow between heart and legs.

Warning: Remember not to force yourself to practice any stretches or movements if you feel uncomfortable. Take necessary advice from your doctor and then proceed with pregnancy exercises.


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