Know More About Hypertension in Pregnancy

It is known that there are some conditions specific to pregnancy, such as hypertension in pregnancy.

This involves different kinds of immune responses to the new condition of the body. Let’s not forget that there is something foreign inside the body and so it is natural to have some kind of rejection responses.

Information about pregnancy hypertension

The condition could be of varying intensities and this is why there could be so many different kinds of effects of it. In case you are interested in the cause of the condition, you should know that there is no real known cause of it and this may remain so for a long period of time.

Hypertension in PregnancyChronic hypertension

Just as the name suggests, the hypertension during pregnancy refers to a high blood pressure.

The bad thing about the condition is that the blood is banging up the organs for longer periods of time, and even though the patient might feel alright for years, the results can be seen during a stroke, heart attack, heart disease or even kidney damage, all caused by gestational hypertension.

Having a heart attack or a stroke is something really serious, but having kidney damage is even worse because it promotes hypertension.

This is caused by the substances called angiotensins which regulate blood pressure in some way.This is why it is no wonder that one of the medications meant to treat hypertension during gestational period is meant to block the effects of these chemicals.

Although the new drugs are useful, they are said to cause deformities in the little ones and they are becoming more dangerous as the pregnancy progresses.

This is why it is better to opt for the traditional treatment methods regarding hypertension in pregnancy. One of the treatment methods that you may be thinking about includes Lopressor that strengthens the contraction efforts of the heart.

It is very important to treat the condition, because if it is left untreated it could affect both the mother and the baby. It could damage the blood vessels of the mother and pregnancy high blood pressure could damage the blood supply of the little one.

Because of this the placenta could age prematurely and it could cause intrauterine growth restriction or oligohydramnios. In the same time the high blood pressure of pregnant women make it impossible for the baby to get the nutrients that he or she needs and also damages the baby’s kidneys, so he or she cannot produce enough urine.

As it has been mentioned before, the exact cause of gestational high blood pressure is not known, but at the moment it is believed to be an immunologic rejection of the fetus. It is possible to be faced with a lot more changes regarding the body of the mother than expected and in the end the patient could have seizures as well.

High blood pressure during gestation isn’t something that women should play with, because hypertension in pregnancy could do harm both to the mother and the helpless baby.


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