Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy – How to Handle This Health Issue

When thinking about hyperthyroidism and pregnancy, it is good to know that only about 0.2% of all women are affected by condition during their pregnancy.

It is possible for women to have the problem even before they got pregnant, but they could also develop it during their pregnancy.

Information about hyperthyroidism while being pregnant

The sad truth about the condition is that in many cases it is difficult to diagnose it because the symptoms of pregnancy mask it. This is because people are more likely to think that they have pregnancy symptoms rather than symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism and PregnancyFacts regarding the condition

If you are considering hyperthyroidism while being pregnant, you should know that if you had the condition before you got pregnant, it could make conception more difficult.

If you are already pregnant when the condition appears, it is very likely that it is caused by Grave’s disease.

Although the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and pregnancy are worse during the first half of the pregnancy, these usually get better in the second half.

Nonetheless the end of pregnancy doesn’t end hyperthyroidism and the symptoms could reoccur even after childbirth.

In case you have been taking some kind of medication before you get pregnant, you should go on with the drugs for hyperthyroidism while being pregnant.

The good news is that in the majority of the cases the mothers and the babies aren’t negatively affected if the condition is moderate or mild.

On the other hand, if – when thinking about hyperthyroidism and pregnancy – you have a severe or uncontrolled condition then the risks of iron deficiency, infection and high blood pressure increase considerably and most probably you will have too much protein in your urine.

Another alarming thought regarding hyperthyroidism while being pregnant is that in case the mother has a severe condition it is also possible for the baby to be affected by it after birth. The outcome of the pregnancy may also be threatened, having a premature birth or the baby having a low birth weight.


Luckily in the majority of the cases when thinking about hyperthyroidism and pregnancy there is treatment that is really efficient. There is an anti-thyroid drug that is usually prescribed and it is safe even during pregnancy. It is possible that it will take a month to get rid of the symptoms.

Although in other cases, the condition is treated by radioactive iodine, this is not an option in case of hyperthyroidism while being pregnant. In rare cases, it happens that the thyroid hormone cannot be controlled through medication and in this case the thyroid needs to be removed surgically.

Even if you have to be thinking about the condition and pregnancy, you should know that the condition doesn’t affect childbirth or labor. Nonetheless it is possible for a thyroid storm could develop that may turn out to be quite dangerous.

In the majority of the cases, having hyperthyroidism and pregnancy isn’t something dangerous and it can be easily managed so there is no need to panic.


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