6 Best Ways to Increase your Appetite During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lot of women experience a decrease in their appetite and this could be due to a variety of reasons. Besides normal discomfort and hormonal changes, the fact that the baby’s growth slows several times during the pregnancy could be some of the main reasons.

But it is important to maintain healthy eating habits to enable your baby to grow normally and healthily. There are many ways through which you can boost your appetite during pregnancy and the following are the best 6 of them.

ways to increase your appetite during pregnancy

1. Eat Smaller Portions

One of the best ways to increase your appetite during pregnancy is to eat smaller meals and fill your plate with half the food that you would normally eat. What this does is that it avoids you to overeat and will thus increase your appetite for the other part of the day.  This will enable you to eat 5 to 6 small meals during the day.

2. Add New Foods to your Diet

Another way to increase your appetite during pregnancy is to eat new foods to your diet.  When you add in some new and exciting options to your diet, then you might be able to get your appetite back.  Try new recipes by either searching for them online or by asking friends. By doing so, you might begin to try out better meals and hence boost your appetite.

3. Substitute Foods

At times in pregnancy you may not want to eat certain foods and this could decrease your appetite. So what you can do is that you can substitute those foods with the ones you like and you will begin to get your lost appetite back.

4. Reduce Nausea

In many cases, nausea could be the reason why you may be feeling a loss of appetite. So by reducing nausea, you can possibly bring your appetite back. One of the best ways to reduce nausea is to drink ginger tea.  You can also smell peppermint as this too helps you to ward off nausea. Some of the other ways include smelling lemon or anything else that you like, for example, your favorite fragrance.

5. Avoid Spices

Strong seasonings and spices can also make your feel less hungry and may make you lose your appetite. The trick is to avoid spicy foods and add in fewer amounts of seasonings to your food as this can help you find your appetite back. Eating bland food can really prove helpful.

6. Engage in Walking and Exercising

Loss of appetite often occurs due to lack of exercising and laziness and hence engage yourself in walking and exercising on a regular basis during pregnancy to feel more hungry and hence get more nutrients.  Ask your doctor about which exercises are safe for you and make sure you choose a stable and flat surface to walk on so as to avoid falling down or hurting yourself.

Thus above given tips will not only help you to increase your appetite but will keep you and your baby healthy.


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