All you Need to Know about Reiki During Pregnancy

Reiki speaks about the principle that says that everything reflects energy, starting from the natural life in your garden till the food you eat. We are born as free humans to get attached to this universal energy, but this energy levels change with life’s ups and downs and this innate energy seems to diminish further as we grow older.

During the process of Reiki, your body gets reconnected to pure energy and unblocks all of the unwanted mind and body conditions to face the challenges of life fruitfully. This is the reason why Reiki is known to show amazing results for all people, including pregnant women. Right from conception to childbirth, Reiki helps in easing exhaustion, uncomfortable symptoms, and nausea.

reiki during pregnancy

Facts about Reiki During Pregnancy

  • Reiki if done on the pregnant mother, it is automatically advantageous for baby. The process brings calm and deep relaxation to the baby and many studies have shown that the baby even wriggles with pleasure inside the womb.
  • This process is perfectly safe during all stages of pregnancy; in fact couples who find it difficult to conceive can be greatly benefitted with Reiki treatments to treat their reproductive problems. Both men and women can get effective results from Reiki sessions.
  • Post pregnancy, Reiki treatment aids the mother to handle the emotional upheaval, which is very common due to new responsibilities. Even the babies are seen to adjust better to their environment and world around them, if the mother attended Reiki sessions during pregnancy.
  • Post partum period is bound to be stressful for the new parents; especially the mother who needs to handle most of the things of the newborn. Reiki aids in sorting out the challenges of colic, sleep, mood swings and enhances your motor activity.
  • In fact, Reiki also helps in labour times; it brings in deep relaxation, reduces stress and can make the labour term easier labour. Reiki in such times prove to be gentle yet powerful and non-invasive treatment.
  • Reiki addresses the common pregnancy issues like tiredness, morning sickness, low back pain, mood changes, stress, high blood pressure, emotional disruption and stress.

However, you should also note that Reiki is not an instant miracle cure. The effects and benefits can be seen only with regular treatment that eventually ensures better circulation, balanced energy levels, flushing out of toxins and stabilising emotional, mental and spiritual state. You would be surprised to see how Reiki can be helpful during the last stages of pregnancy reducing the distress at the approaching labour. Continuous Reiki treatment helps in gaining confidence and relaxation.

Practice Method of Reiki During Pregnancy?

Once getting attuned by a Reiki master, you can practise Reiki all by yourself during pregnancy.  Here are some of the most recommended hand positions:

  • Position one of your hands on the back and the other one on the sternum
  • On the base area of the spine, place one hand and the other one on the base of the neck
  • The feet of pregnant women are often strained, so treating them with Reiki can help you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • Fatigued, heavy feet are a very common symptom in late pregnancy a woman; you can place both your hands on the base line of the stomach and feel the comfort

For all pregnant women, Reiki is a perfect option to spend the pregnancy months in a holistic way that strengthens the body from within.


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