Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain For The Growth Of Your Baby!

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight gain plays a vital role during pregnancy. You can gain the required amount of weight during pregnancy by taking a healthy, balanced diet.

Taking a healthy diet ensures that you and your baby are getting all the essential nutrients. It also ensures the growth of your baby is at healthy rate.

Maintaining a pregnancy weight gain provides a healthy growth of your baby.

Pregnancy weight gain always depends on your height and weight before conception.

So, ask your health care professional regarding the weight you need to gain during pregnancy.

However, you should be careful regarding the weight-gain during pregnancy because too much or too little weight gain can become injurious to you and your baby’s health.Pregnancy Weight Gain

The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is as follows. If your weight before pregnancy was healthy according to your height, you need to gain a minimum of 25-35 pounds.

On the other hand, the pregnancy weight gain should be 28-40 pounds, if you were underweight before conception.

If your weight was very high for your height before pregnancy, increase your pregnancy weight by 15-25 pounds. The weight should not increase more than 15 pounds if you were obese before pregnant.

Remember that the pregnancy weight gain should be 35-45 pounds if you are carrying twins.

The pregnancy weight gain should increase gradually. You need to increase the weight by 2-5 pounds in the first trimester and approximately one pound for one week till the completion of your pregnancy.

Today, you can make use of pregnancy weight calculators for maintaining pregnancy weight gain. For using this calculator, you need to provide details about your weight and height before conception, your present week of pregnancy and present weight.

With this information, the pregnancy weight gain calculator will work out and recommend you the appropriate pregnancy weight gain on weekly basis.

It also suggests you to increase or decrease your weight. Most pregnancy weight gain calculators also provide a list of the gained pounds that are being spread.

It is to be noted that the added weight during pregnancy is not the weight of your baby. However, it also includes the weight of other essential tissues of pregnancy, added water and blood within the body.

It is found that the pregnancy weight gain accounts for eight pounds baby weight, two pounds placenta weight, two pounds amniotic fluid, two pounds enlarged uterus, two pounds breast tissue, three pounds blood, four pounds preserved fluids, seven pounds fats and other nutrients.

For maintaining an appropriate amount of pregnancy weight gain, take low fat meals because it provides an appropriate pregnancy weight gain. Increasing unnecessary weight is very easy and you can do it by eating junk food and foods rich in fatty substances.

So, increase your weight by following a healthy, balanced diet. Also eat 5-6 small meals per day. The diet should include all the essential nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. So, make sure that your diet contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, folic acid, iron, calcium and carbohydrates.


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