Migraines Related To High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

According to studies on migraines associated with the development of high blood pressure, results have shown that during pregnancy there is a higher risk of developing high blood pressure in women who suffer from regular migraines.

Gestational hypertension, fluid retention and protein in the urine are well-known troubles that may arise during pregnancy, and migraines seem to be playing a major role in the accentuation of hypertension in particular.

However these studies have not yet provided conclusive evidence and have yet to be confirmed through additional research.high blood pressure

During the research, over 700 pregnant women with normal blood pressure level were observed, amongst these women, a little less than 40 percent were regularly affected by migraines.

Amongst those with migraines 9 percent developed high blood pressure during pregnancy, as opposed to a mere 3 percent of the women who did not have migraines.

It was also found that women who had regular migraines were three times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than those who did not.

The research also noted that there was an increased rate of babies with underweight problems at birth in those mothers suffering from regular migraines.


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