What Cures for Morning Sickness Can You Use Every Day?

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, and this is why there are a lot of women looking for cures for morning sickness. There are some cures that may sound a bit strange, but you can be sure that they work.

Sea bands and morning sickness cures

It is known that the bands of this kind can make sea sickness better through applying pressure on certain points of the arm, thus relieving nausea. Since morning sickness has the same symptoms, you could be using these bands in this case as well. You can find them at pharmacies.

Cures for Morning SicknessIf you are looking for morning sickness cures that you can prepare at home, then place a kidney bean at the anti-nausea point and secure it with an adhesive bandage.

This point can be found on the inside of the forearm, about ten centimeters from your wrist. Leave the bandage on as long as you need it.


It is known that some of the herbs work as cures for morning sickness. If you would try them, make sure that you give a shot to meadowsweet, horehound, peppermint, wild yam, aniseed, lemon balm, peach leaves and squaw vine. You could take them in form of tablet, fluid extract or capsule.


When it comes to morning sickness cures, also consider licorice. Studies have shown that the licorice tea can calm the stomach down and it can make nausea better.

If the morning sickness makes you feel very bad, try taking licorice in form of candy or natural licorice drops.

Vitamin B6

The study conducted regarding cures for morning sickness showed that the women who have been taking 25 mg of vitamin B6 every 8 hours experienced less nausea and vomiting than other women. You can find such supplements in grocery stores, pharmacies or health food shops.

Tangy and tart

The best thing about these morning sickness cures is that they work like magic. All you have to do is to add a slice to a cup of tea and sip it through the day. Another thing to do is to try adding lemon juice to cold water. If things get worse, you could also suck on a slice of lemon.

Junk food

It is true that these kinds of foods aren’t healthy and they don’t do any good to the baby but they don’t harm him or her either. There are some women who say that these have been the only cures for morning sickness that worked for them. They tried eating chips and chocolate and they actually worked.

When it comes to the morning sickness cures, it is important for women to have something in their stomach. Although a lot of people don’t agree with eating processed food, if this is the only thing that can help you, it is better to give your principles up than starving to death.

Positive thinking

While some people say that this has only a placebo effect regarding the cures for morning sickness, in some cases it is enough to be thinking positively, to find a quiet place and relax for a while. Start with deep breaths and then focus on relaxing your entire body.

As a result of this one of the morning sickness cures you can feel the tension disappear from your body and you should remember that you aren’t really ill, you are just pregnant and soon things will go back to normal. You could also try saying positive affirmations to yourself.

You can see that there are many different cures for morning sickness and there is no need to take medication.


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