Learn More About Dizziness and Pregnancy

The truth is that dizziness and pregnancy appears quite often in the same time. This means that pregnant women feel that they will fall or faint; in some cases they really do. You should know that there is more to this symptom than meets the eye.

Dizziness and Pregnancy

The sources of pregnancy dizziness

During the beginning of pregnancy the symptom is caused by the inability of the body to produce blood that would fill the expanded circulatory system yet. On the bright side you should know that this means that the body is preparing to nourish the baby.

In trimester two the dizziness during pregnancy could occur because of the growing uterus that puts more pressure on the blood vessels. This way less blood reaches the brain and you could feel like your head is spinning. The dizziness could also appear if you get dehydrated or if the blood sugar level drops.

It is also possible that you feel dizzy when being pregnant because you are staying for too long in a stuffy and hot room. Make sure that your clothes are not too warm or too tight. Remember that in this period your body is able to produce enough heat on its own.

Information about dizziness while being pregnant

Although this is a common symptom, if it persists and you actually faint, you should call your doctor to make sure that everything is alright. Also remember that even though it is to be expected to feel dizzy during pregnancy, you shouldn’t ignore the feeling.

In case you are experiencing dizziness in pregnancy you should avoid working out, driving, or handling objects that could turn out to be dangerous. If the symptom gets worse, try to sit down at once to make sure that you don’t fall and hurt the baby or yourself.

What you could do about it?

When it comes to being lightheaded during pregnancy the best thing that you could try is lying down in the moment when you feel it approaching. In order to increase the blood flow to the brain you should elevate your feet. Something else that you could try is to sit down while placing your head between the knees.

Another thing you could do about being lightheaded when being pregnant is to kneel down on one knee while bending forward. This position is something like when you are tying your shoes. Also you could ask for help from the people around you. This is something that you shouldn’t be shy about.

In order to prevent being lightheaded while being pregnant you shouldn’t get up from a sitting position too quickly. Also make sure that with each meal you get some proteins. This way you can ensure that you have safe blood sugar levels. Having a healthy diet during pregnancy is important too.

Now you know all about handling pregnancy and dizziness. As you can see the problem could turn out to be dangerous if you are doing something risky in the moment when the dizziness hits.


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