Handling Dizziness During Pregnancy

Dizziness during pregnancy refers to the situation when you feel unsteady or disoriented.

Usually the pregnant women feel like they are going to faint or fall and you have to be really careful because in some of the cases they really do.

The causes of pregnancy dizziness

At the early stages, the dizziness could be caused by the fact that your body isn’t able to produce enough blood to fill the circulatory system that is growing at a fast pace. On the other hand the good news is that your body is preparing for the nourishing of the baby.

Dizziness During PregnancyIn case you experience pregnancy dizziness during the second trimester, it may be caused by the fact that your belly is constantly growing and it is putting pressure on the surrounding blood vessels, so less blood gets to your brain and this could make your head spin.

Some other reasons of dizziness during pregnancy include a decrease of the blood sugar level or you could also get dehydrated.

Another reason might be that you are too hot or that you are wearing tight clothes. Keep in mind that your body is able to generate a lot of heat, so you don’t need a lot of clothes.

Information about pregnancy dizziness

It is normal to feel lightheaded during your pregnancy but in case the dizziness lasts for a longer period of time or you really faint, this is something that you should let your doctor know about. Also remember that although it is normal to feel this way, you shouldn’t just ignore the feeling.

If you experience dizziness during pregnancy, you shouldn’t be driving, handling dangerous items and you should also avoid working out. If the dizziness gets worse, you should sit down so that you won’t fall and hurt yourself or the little one.

Treating pregnancy dizziness

If you start feeling lightheaded, the best thing you could do is to lie down. Elevate your feet so that the blood flow will be more abundant in your brain. Another thing you could do is to sit down and bend forward, putting your head between your knees.

The best way to treat dizziness during pregnancy is to avoid it. For this you shouldn’t make any fast movements, like getting up from a sitting position. Also you should make sure to have enough protein in your meals so that the blood sugar levels wouldn’t fluctuate.

In order to avoid pregnancy dizziness, you should make sure that you eat well. This means that you should have frequent small meals. You could have some snacks with you all the time in case your blood sugar level drops. These include fruits, raisins and some crackers.

When it comes to dizziness during pregnancy, make sure that you don’t get dehydrated, so you should have at least eight glasses of water per day. If you work out or it is hot, you should have even more, just to be sure.


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