How Early Does Morning Sickness Start?

If you are asking how early does morning sickness start you should know that this is a problem that affects 50%-80% of pregnant women. The symptoms could be mild or severe. The truth is that the specialists don’t really know why some women have mild symptoms while others have severe symptoms.

How Early Does Morning Sickness Start

What is the time of morning sickness?

Morning sickness usually consists of nausea and vomiting. Although the name suggests that the problem arises in the morning, in fact it can hit at just any moment of the day. It is possible for the problem to be caused by odors, scents or foods. So how can you know when it starts?

The starting point of morning sickness

The first sign of the problem is nausea and this usually appears between weeks 4 and 6. And the most common symptoms last until the 16th week of pregnancy. However this number isn’t set in stone. In some cases women suffer from this problem during their entire pregnancy.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

When do symptoms start to feel like morning sickness? Usually women find out that they are pregnant after the 6th week of pregnancy. This means that women think they have the stomach flu or some other kind of condition at the beginning. After they find out that they are pregnant, they start linking the symptoms to morning sickness.

If you are thinking about the moment of morning sickness you should know that it actually refers to a set of symptoms that characterize the early stages. The symptoms include back pain, breast tenderness and a heightened sense of smell. The heightened sense of smell and constipation can make the condition worse.

Treating the symptoms

When you find out when does morning sickness begin, most probably you will start looking for treatment options. You shouldn’t be worried about the symptoms because they are safe and natural. One of the best things you can do is to have some toast or crackers at your bedside and eat some even before you get out of bed.

If the morning sickness starting point is later in the day, women may find it helpful to take a nap or to have some warm ginger tea. Peppermint may also help with an upset stomach, especially if the problems are caused by morning sickness. Women might want to have some peppermint tea.

The truth about the morning sickness time is that women are worried about the effects that vomiting might have on the baby. The good news is that if vomiting doesn’t last for longer periods of time, there should be no negative effects on the baby.

If the morning sickness moment occurs often during the day and you aren’t able to keep any food down,

your doctor might prescribe you some medication that will make the symptoms better. This is because it is important for the mother to be able to have enough food.

There is a lot to know about when does morning sickness usually start, but the time could vary.


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