Find Out How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start

When it comes to getting pregnant there are a lot of women asking how soon does morning sickness start. The truth is that each pregnancy is unique and so your experience may be different from the experience of other women. However, it is possible that you will be affected right after conception.

Information about the beginning of morning sickness

In the majority of the cases women first find out for sure that they are pregnant. You can have the results if you go to your doctor or if you use a home pregnancy kit. Usually the first symptoms appear about 4-6 weeks after conception. The bad news is that they get worse a month after they appear.

How Soon Does Morning Sickness StartIn the same time it is also possible that the answer to the question how soon do you get morning sickness is : two weeks within conception. The good news is that normally the symptoms disappear at the beginning of the second trimester. However there are some women who still have them in their 16th week of pregnancy.

How long does it last?

If you are interested in the start of morning sickness you should know that about 50% of all pregnant women get better after the first trimester. The rest of the women may have to wait another month for morning sickness to subside. It is possible that later it returns and that it lasts for the entire pregnancy.

Now that you have the answer to the question how soon can morning sickness start you should know that if you still feel nausea and experience vomiting in the second trimester, you should talk to your doctor. It is important for women to be able to keep food down during pregnancy otherwise the baby could be in danger.

Different women, different experiences

It is good to know about the starting point of morning sickness that there is no definite point when it is supposed to start. It can start or end in just any moment of the pregnancy. It is possible that it will start as soon as you conceive, even before you even know that you are pregnant.

When asking how soon does morning sickness start you should know that it all depends on your hormone levels.          It is a known fact that the pregnancy hormones make a lot of changes in the body, including in the digestive tract, which makes it more difficult to keep the food down.

There are some lucky few that will never know about the morning sickness beginning because they are simply not affected by the problem. Some of the women are affected by the problem in the morning, while others experience it during the night, making it difficult for them to get some rest.

It is interesting to know regarding the question how soon do you get morning sickness that it is possible that you had morning sickness during a previous pregnancy. If you are lucky you won’t be affected during your second pregnancy.


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