Importance Of Morning Sickness And How It Is Good For Mother And Baby

We know that nausea, morning sickness and in fact throwing up at any and all times are something of an occupational hazard for pregnant women.

It is a normal symptom of pregnancy and often one of the earliest signs of a woman being pregnant. In most cases throwing up or vomiting during pregnancy is perfectly normal and safe; even something to be expected.

morning sickness for pregnant womenMorning sickness usually starts about the 6th week of pregnancy and tapers off around the 12th week. Also it is most typically felt during the morning and is seen to reduce as the day progresses.

However Pregnancy vomiting that happens later during the day, at any time during the day and even all through pregnancy is also OK in most cases.

In fact morning sickness is supposed to be an important defense mechanism that evolved to protect the unborn baby against toxins or harmful substances that the mother may unwittingly ingest during pregnancy.

This is why the morning sickness is seen to peak at a time of pregnancy when the chances of the fetus being harmed by something or its vulnerability are at the highest.

The vomiting is a sign of the body protecting the life it nurtures, by ejecting anything that it deems unsafe or unfit for the baby’s wellbeing.

Morning sickness is usually an indication that all is progressing well with a pregnancy, that the hormone levels are what they should be and that all systems are in good working order.

This defense mechanism of the body to protect the baby also manifests itself in the aversions that the mother develops during the pregnancy.

If she develops an aversion to something like cheese for instance, it could be the body’s way of protecting against the possible infections that may arise from its consumption, such as Listeria etc, which is a food borne disease that is found in certain soft or cream cheeses.

It is has been seen that those women who have Morning sickness are less likely to miscarry and also less likely to produce babies with birth defects.3

Also morning sickness is helpful for protecting the mother against harmful bacteria and infection at a time when her own immune system is weakened and not working optimally.

So as you can see, morning sickness may be difficult to live with, but it has many positives and benefits that accrue to the mother and her child. So even if it is making life difficult right, now, remember this too shall pass!


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