Know About Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy

Does it happen to you that one moment you are smiling and in the next you are crying? Most probably you are affected by mood swings in early pregnancy.

This is nothing to be scared about and you should also know that you aren’t the only one in this situation.

Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy

What to know about mood swings during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the hormone levels are surging and the estrogen and progesterone levels of the blood increase and that has an effect on your mood. These hormones can make you easily irritated or tearful.

In the majority of the cases the moodiness is caused by the major changes that go in the lives of women.

The mood swings when being pregnant mean that one moment you are really joyful about becoming a mother while in the second minute you are wondering about what you got yourself into. There are some common worries that women have, such as whether they will be a good parent or whether the baby will affect their relationship.

When thinking about mood swings in early pregnancy women could also wonder whether their baby will be born healthy, if she and her partner will be able to cope with the new situation financially and whether their partner still finds them attractive with all the changes that go on with their body.

Besides all these questions the pregnancy symptoms can also make the mood swings while being pregnant worse. The most bothersome symptoms include heartburn, morning sickness, fatigue and frequent urination. During this time women might feel fat.

When do the mood swings in early pregnancy appear?

These mood swings are usually more noticeable during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women often feel like they simply can’t control their emotions. Their temper is shorter than usual and even the smallest things can make them cry.

The good news is that the pregnancy mood swings will get better after the body adapts to the new hormone levels. Women also need some time to get used to the fact that they are really pregnant. Usually women experience mood swings right before they give birth as well.

Managing the mood swings

Although you might think that there is nothing that you can do about the mood swings in early pregnancy, the truth is that the situation could become manageable. The first step is to ask for help. Women want to have everything done before the baby arrives, but you can’t take care of everything on your own.

To make the mood swings of pregnant women better, you should turn to your partner, friends and family for help.  Make sure that you have enough rest. Take a nap whenever you can. If you are working, this may be the perfect time for a vacation. You can take your maternity leave sooner than you planned.

It is true that mood swings in early pregnancy don’t make the job of women easier, but there is nothing that women can’t manage; they just have to try in order to succeed.


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