Tips for Managing Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

For an overwhelming majority of women, morning sickness during pregnancy is an almost inescapable reality.

Most women accept this as part of the process of pregnancy and try to make the best of the situation using home remedies and tips and tricks that their mothers and grandmothers probably used before.

This preference for natural or home remedies for morning sickness in pregnancy owes itself largely to the fact that not many medicines are proven to be completely safe to take during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy So it is best to try and resolve the nausea of pregnancy by avoiding situations that trigger nausea and then when nausea does strike, to try and remedy the feeling by using natural remedies.

Tips to avoid morning sickness during pregnancy

1.An empty stomach is one of the reasons why so many women feel sick first thing in the morning or feel like throwing up as they brush their teeth and so on.

To prevent this problem, try and keep a few dry biscuits or crackers by the bed and eat one or two before even getting out of bed. This will help to settle the stomach and head off the nausea.

2.Another reason that women feel nauseous is because of indigestion or acidity. Also as the uterus grows the stomach’s capacity for food may reduce and women may find that they are not able eat as much.

To avoid this, eat small meals frequently during the day.  Also find out if certain foods (spicy or oily perhaps) disagree with you and avoid them.

3.Find out which are the foods or smells that trigger feelings of morning sickness during the pregnancy and then try and avoid them – don’t cook those foods for a while, don’t use that particular perfume for a while, or don’t use a particular brand of cleaning detergent and so on.

If you find that the above tips are not very effective or are only mildly effective, then consider these other morning sickness remedies –

  • Ginger is a known antidote to nausea during pregnancy and can be safe for women even at this time. There is research to suggest that ginger is effective against morning sickness during pregnancy and is more than just an old wives’ tale.
  • Many women find that acupressure wrist bands help alleviate their nausea.
  • Fennel is as also a known remedy for queasiness.
  • Mint is one of the age old ways to combat nausea and indigestion as well.
  • Citrus fruits are also another antidote to nausea lemonade, lemon added to tea and so on are some of the concoctions that women suffering morning sickness swear by.
  • Drink plenty of water. Some of the times it is acidity that can cause morning sickness and acidity is frequently exacerbated by not drinking enough water.
  • Aromatherapy oils such as lavender and thyme can also help reduce feelings of nausea and may curb morning sickness during pregnancy and also enhance relaxation. They can be use by way of topical application or otherwise. However it is important to find out what is safe for use during pregnancy and what is not.



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