No Morning Sickness and Your Pregnancy

It is a known fact that the majority of women are affected by morning sickness. This is why they may wish they had no morning sickness. On the other hand some women are also concerned if they don’t see any signs of morning sickness. Why would they want to have morning sickness?

Lack of morning sickness

There is a theory according to which the women who are affected by morning sickness have lower chances of having a miscarriage. On the other hand if you don’t have morning sickness that doesn’t mean that you will have a miscarriage. This isn’t one of the miscarriage symptoms.

No Morning Sickness General experience

While some of the women do have morning sickness, others don’t have morning sickness and they will have entirely healthy babies. In the same time it is possible to have morning sickness and then the symptoms to disappear. After that they could appear again but this isn’t a sign of miscarriage.

During pregnancy it is very important not to over-analyze your symptoms. If you have no morning sickness it just means that you are one of the lucky few. However if you think that your pregnancy could be threatened you should talk to your doctor for him or her to run some tests.

How to stop morning sickness?

Since there are so many affected women, it is no wonder than there are a lot of people looking for a remedy. The good news is that there are lot many remedies you could try to make the situation better. However it is possible that the methods that work for other women won’t work for you.


You may know that sea sickness can be treated with bands. Something similar could be used to treat morning sickness as well. There are some pressure points that you should apply pressure on to make you feel better. You can find bands of this kind in pharmacies and the good news is that they are inexpensive.


It is also a known fact that morning sickness can be stopped with the help of certain herbs. Usually you have to make a tea of them and drink the tea. The herbs of this kind include black horehound, peach leaves, meadowsweet, squaw vine, wild yam, aniseed, peppermint and lemon balm.


This could also be helpful when it comes to treating morning sickness. It is known that licorice tea can calm the stomach and it can also make mild nausea better. If you aren’t comfortable with drinking the tea, consider licorice candy or drops which taste good and are inexpensive, too.

Vitamin B6

When it comes to stopping morning sickness make sure that you have your daily B6 vitamin intake. According to the recent studies, if you have 25 mg of the vitamin every eight hours, you can reduce nausea and vomiting significantly. You can find the vitamin at the pharmacy.

Now you know how to stop morning sickness. You may have to try several remedies to find one that works.


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