Severe Morning Sickness – How to Face It

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and this is the symptom that ensures women that they are really pregnant. If you are asking when do you get morning sickness, in the majority of the cases the symptom first appears during the sixth week of pregnancy.

Severe Morning Sickness

Home remedies for morning sickness that is severe

If you are faced with this symptom, there are some things that you could do at home. For instance, the nausea gets better if you have some crackers in the morning before getting out of bed. You may try having some ginger tea as well because it soothes the upset stomach.

Treatment of pregnancy morning sickness

In case the symptom is severe these home remedies might not work. When this happens, women might require medical treatment. This includes not eating for a period of time to allow the gastrointestinal tract to rest and receiving IV fluids. Women should take nutritional and vitamin supplements as well.


In really severe cases of morning sickness during pregnancy woman can receive medication to put an end to the vomiting. This can be taken by the mouth or through the IV. The doctors usually suggest eating foods with ginger and taking supplements with vitamin B6 to make the nausea better.

When struggling with pregnant women’s morning sickness you should also try having a bland diet, eating more frequent but smaller meals, drinking a lot of fluids when you don’t experience nausea, avoiding fatty and spicy foods, consuming high protein snacks and avoiding the stimuli that trigger nausea.


Believe it or not, when it comes to the morning sickness of pregnant women, sometimes women need therapy if they feel anxious or depressed because of the symptom. If they talk to a specialist, he or she could help them cope with this new and unknown situation.


You shouldn’t be too worried about the morning sickness when being pregnant because if you get the appropriate treatment you will feel better and you will receive the nourishment that ensures your health and the health of the baby. If you make some changes in your lifestyle, the situation might get even better.

The good news about morning sickness while being pregnant is that the symptoms don’t last forever. In the majority of the cases morning sickness subsides starting with the second trimester. However there are some women who have to suffer from it during their entire pregnancy.

When to see the doctor?

There are some signs regarding the morning sickness of pregnancy that are rather alarming. These include persisting nausea that prevents you from drinking or eating, vomiting that makes it impossible to keep anything down, bloody vomit, weight loss, decrease of urination, dizziness or fainting, and rapid heart rate.

The severe morning sickness is a serious problem and it often requires medical attention. Make sure that you talk about it with your doctor to know the risks and the options that you have regarding the problem.


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