Find Out When Does Nausea Start in Pregnancy

It is natural that there are a lot of women asking when does nausea start in pregnancy since this is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

There are a lot of factors that influence the appearance of nausea, like stress and the fluctuating hormone levels.

When Does Nausea Start in Pregnancy

Information about pregnancy and nausea

The truth is that you could experience the symptom at just any moment of the pregnancy, but in the majority of the cases it appears during the earlier stages of pregnancy. It is also known as morning sickness, but it can appear at any moment of the day, not only in the morning.

Five weeks

Usually nausea during pregnancy starts in the fifth week of pregnancy. It may be caused by the high hormone levels as the body is trying to adjust to the pregnancy. The hormones not only make you experience nausea, they also heighten your sense of smell.

As a result you could have nausea when being pregnant since the smell of foods makes you feel bad. Most likely you won’t always experience vomiting as well, usually nausea is characterized by vomiting and an upset stomach.

End point of nausea

Normally the nausea while being pregnant lasts until the 12th or 14th week. In this period of time, the body gets used to the new situation and to the hormone levels so that you will feel better. Nonetheless you should know that this is something that varies from one woman to the other.

Some of the women say that the pregnancy nausea lasts until the 18th week of pregnancy. It is natural for the nausea to be worst during your first pregnancy. During the following pregnancies the symptom isn’t that bad and you already know what to expect.


Remember that nausea can start at any point of your pregnancy. If you are also affected by vomiting, it is important to have a lot of fluids so that you won’t become dehydrated. It is possible that you will have to drink a beverage that comes with electrolytes like a sports drink.

In case of the nausea of pregnant women you will have to replace the mineral salts that you lose and the lost potassium and glucose. It is also helpful to have smaller meals during the day that will make the nausea better. Crackers and plain toast can also make the symptom better because they settle the stomach.

There are some other ways as well to make the pregnant women’s nausea better, such as having some ginger tea. The peppermint candy can also help. Before you start taking any anti-nausea medication you should talk to your doctor to make sure that you don’t do more harm than good.

It is true that it’s not easy to live with nausea and pregnancy, but remember that a lot of women got through this period and you will also be one of them. Just find a home remedy that works for you. Sometimes women have to eat chips to feel better so it is a good idea to try.


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