Natural Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

Doctors often say that during their pregnancy, women should opt for natural remedies, but still there are some natural herbs to avoid during pregnancy. While peppermint, red raspberry, ginger and slippery elm are considered to be safe, others can cause contractions that may lead to complications.

Natural Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

Black cohosh

There are a lot of supplements that are based on black cohosh. Some of the holistic practitioners use it to treat the symptoms of menopause, infertility, menstrual migraines and even breast cancer.

Nonetheless you should remember that there is almost no scientific evidence that using the herb has any benefits.


In case you are thinking about the pregnancy natural herbs to avoid you may know that some of the midwives use black cohosh to induce labor. This may give the false impression that the herb is safe to use. In fact it should be used only at the end of pregnancy, under the supervision of a specialist.

Blue cohosh

This one of the natural herbs to avoid during pregnancy is commonly used in the Eastern medicine and usually it is ignored in other parts of the world. The holistic practitioners use the herb to treat ailments like menstrual cramps, rheumatism and epilepsy.


When it comes to this natural plant to avoid when being pregnant, the midwives usually use it to induce the uterine contractions. Just as in case of black cohosh, the herb should only be used at the end of pregnancy, as it stimulates the uterus to contract. Use it only if a licensed practitioner suggests it.

Dong quai

The women interested in the natural herbs not to use when being pregnant, they may stumble upon dong quai. The herb is often used to treat women’s fertility problems. Just as the previously mentioned herbs, this induces uterine contractions as well. If you use it during your pregnancy it can cause labor or miscarriage.


You may have heard about this one of the natural herbs to avoid during pregnancy for being a good remedy against cold. Although you might be tempted to use the herb during your pregnancy as well, this is not recommended because it can induce uterine contractions. Instead opt for the over the counter medications.

These are the most important natural herbs to avoid during pregnancy that women should know about because their use can lead to serious complications.


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