10 Ways of Dealing with Night Shifts During Pregnancy

Continuing work and office during pregnancy period is quite normal these days and women are also adjusting to the fact that it is better to stay active and engaged in something constructive instead of lying idle and tensed at home. However, working during night shifts while you are pregnant can be strenuous indeed and you need to take care of certain things if night shifts are unavoidable.

Night shifts entail sitting at one place for long hours, staying awake at night and remaining alert, thus your body is not getting enough rest probably and there may be the risk of miscarriage, chances of pre-term delivery or stillbirth increases. No need to panic, as some tactful methods are there to handle night shifts safely and have a healthy pregnancy –

ways of dealing with night shifts during pregnancy

Inform your Co-Workers

Make sure that your superiors, reporting head and co-workers are well informed about your health condition. Particularly, the people who work with you during night shift should know that you are in a tender health condition. This would ensure you help in case of emergencies.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Night time invariably makes you sloth and sleepy, even if you have slept during the day so keep your wearable loose and airy alike your night dress. Pregnancy is a phase that needs comfort and ease, both mentally and physically, thus wear clothing that is perfect for office wear and yet not too tight on your waist line and chest area.

Sleep Enough During the Day

The daytime sleep is never like the night time sleep, but since there is no option for you try to compensate the sleep during day hours. Atleast 7 hours sleep is essential and that too in a peaceful, noiseless and calm environment. For sound sleep, use some essential oil to massage your forehead and feet before the sleep.

Work Moderately

This is a phase when you cannot afford to be harsh on your brain and health. Thus, go slow and no need to work excessively to boost your performance. Your sincerity and dedication now has to be shared with office and the baby both!

Be Careful of Surroundings

Night shifts in factories and surveillance zones need extra precautions. Be aware of the gases and materials used around you, especially if your job deals with harmful chemicals.

Do not Hesitate to Take Leaves if Needed

Night shifts often come with compulsions as most of the employees do not prefer working in night shifts; thus if you are the night shift worker you would obviously not get too many substitutes to handle your job when you are on leave. But, considering your health condition, you might need leaves more often than before and do not hesitate to ask for leaves whenever you feel even slightly sick as exerting during night hours can aggravate the complication.

Drink Lots of Fluid During Work

Take atleast 2 litres of safe drinking water with you and a bottle of fruit juice. Drink water during breaks in the interval of 20 minutes and drink the fruit juice back to home. This will ensure that you do not get dehydrated with stress.

Take Regular Breaks

Take short breaks of 5 minutes after a stretch of time, walk around and do some basic stretch exercises. This will prevent swollen feet and aches in different parts of the body, which is very common during pregnancy.

Snack Time

Ensure you have best foods during the snacks time at night shifts. You mini-Tiffin can have berries, raisins, almonds, green tea, salads and other healthy foods. Avoid non vegetarian foods during night as it can cause indigestion and acidity. Avoid coffee as well.

Carry your Medicines

Carry your medicine and first aid kit with you always and the contact number of your doctors and ambulance. These would be helpful during any kind of emergency. Keep a track of medicine stores near your office that remains open during the night.

However, taking decision about night shifts and continuing work should be done only after getting the consent from your doctor as he is the best person to guide if the strain would not cause any harm to you and the baby.


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