Nose Bleed During Pregnancy

Nose bleed is not the most common pregnancy symptom, but in many cases women who are pregnant do in fact experience nose bleeds because of the fact that the blood circulation in the body increases at this time, as does the size of blood vessels and the volume of blood that is pumping through the blood vessels (between 30 to 50% increase in the volume of blood).

Since there is an added pressure on blood vessels during pregnancy some women do experience nose bleeds during this time.nose bleed

That pregnancy glow that everyone comments on as well as the tenderness of the breasts during pregnancy is also due to this increased circulation and volume of blood in the pregnant woman’s body.

Also during pregnancy many women have stuffy noses and this contributes to the membrane irritation that leads to nose bleeds. Vigorous nose blowing contribute as well to causing a nose bleed.

Also if you have very dry nostrils nose bleeds could occur so one should avoid the nostrils getting very dry.

So is a nose bleed dangerous or in any way detrimental to have during a pregnancy? For the most part, nose bleeds are harmless if inconvenient and rather messy to have.

One should of course try and staunch the flow of blood as soon as possible and one should try and decrease the triggers that lead to nose bleeds; otherwise nosebleeds are not a whole lot to worry about!


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