Period While Pregnant – What Does It Mean?

There are some women who say that they have period while pregnant. Although it may see this way to them, they can be sure that this is impossible because a woman cannot have a period and be pregnant in the same time.

Nonetheless it is likely to observe some spotting or bleeding during your pregnancy.

Information about pregnancy period

If you are asking whether you can have a period during pregnancy or not, the answer is a definite no. Still, as it has been mentioned before, it is possible to see some bleeding, and this could be something normal or a sign that your pregnancy is in danger.

Period While PregnantSometimes women ask if you can get pregnant during your period even if they are already pregnant.

What they think is their period could be an implantation bleeding or spotting which occurs in the moment when the embryo gets implanted in the sensitive lining of the uterus.

Early pregnancy

In many cases women think that they have a period while pregnant in the early stages. It is quite common to experience some level of bleeding and this should not be mistaken for the period of women.

As it has been mentioned, this could be caused by implantation or by the hormonal changes.

The bleeding of a ‘pregnancy period’ doesn’t equal the bleeding experienced during a normal period. Nonetheless it is true that the bleeding can vary from slight spotting to heavier bleeding. If you are faced with implantation bleeding, this is absolutely normal and there is no threat.

You don’t have to ask can you get pregnant during your period because in this case it’s not a real period. This kind of bleeding appears after about five days of conception and this is what the majority of women think is a period. There are different factors that make women confuse such bleeding with periods.

Women may think that they have a period while pregnant because it is difficult to determine when they had their last real period. While some of the specialists say that having implantation bleeding isn’t common at all, there are a lot of women who reported having such bleeding.

Other causes

It is interesting to know that you could have a pregnancy period if you are taking birth control pills when you get pregnant. As a result you may think that you have a period even though you are already pregnant. A lot of women on the pill say that they had bleeding of some kind after pregnancy.

If this happens, women can’t really tell their doctor when they had the last menstrual period and so the doctor could miscalculate the due date. In such cases the doctors will use the ultrasound to help them determine the gestational age of the baby.

As you can see, there are many reasons for which women may think that they have a period while pregnant, but such bleeding shouldn’t be mistaken for the real deal. It is almost impossible to have a period and to be pregnant in the same time. This is because they cannot happen simultaneously, only one of them at a time.

You can’t have a pregnancy period because if you have your period it means that you aren’t pregnant and it is quite unlikely that you will conceive during that period. In case you experience any kind of bleeding during pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor about it.

As you can see the question can you get pregnant during your period doesn’t really have any relevant or important meaning.


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