Pregnancy Advice – 4 Steps for Mom and Dad

When searching for pregnancy advice, there are a number of areas that you will need to look into.

It is important to know the types of exercise that are safe for a baby while also finding out about a diet that is healthy for it. At the same time, you need to know more about how your baby is growing and how to look after yourself.

Pregnancy advice 1: exercise is good for you and the baby

First of all, let’s touch on exercise. This is something that you should aim to do throughout the duration of your pregnancy; if you are just starting out then talk to your doctor or midwife about safer options because there are some dangers.exercise

This is not the time to start training for a marathon or triathlon; you will need to look after your body for your unborn baby’s sake.

Walking and jogging are two excellent forms of exercise to do during the early stages of pregnancy but balance can become an issue during later stages.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise in later stages, since the water will support your new weight.

Pregnancy advice 2: Stick to a healthy eating plan

Dieting while pregnant is one of the worst things that you can do. Your body is going to need all the nourishment that you can give it – and your baby will take the majority of that.

Most diets cut out essential nutrients, especially iron and calcium, which are needed for the baby to develop well. However, that does not mean that you get away with eating anything that you want.

While pregnant, you need to follow a healthy eating plan. High protein and low fat diets are the best option; these will also help you lose weight naturally if you are overweight. You should also cut down on the amount of coffee or tea that you drink – especially caffeinated drinks. Too much caffeine is linked to fetus problems.

Pregnancy advice 3: Monitor your baby’s growth

Putting on weight and getting bigger is a good sign of pregnancy but that doesn’t mean you know what is going on. Download a week by week pregnancy calendar or have regular emails sent to yourself so you can monitor how your baby is growing. This is especially important during the first trimester because there are chances that you won’t realize that there is something growing inside of you.

Monitoring your baby’s growth is also an excellent idea for the father, who will not have any of the symptoms and will not feel the joy of having a life growing inside of him.

Pregnancy advice 4: Look after the mom-to-be

This advice is more for the dad. It is important to look after the woman who is carrying the child – there are high chances she will resent you during the later stages of pregnancy and blame you for the way that she is feeling.

Offer warm baths to help her relax and pamper her on an evening. You should also do more of the housework so that the expectant mom can put her feet up on an evening and look after the baby that is growing inside of her.


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