Pregnancy and Career – Best Tips to Handle Both Effectively

Career development is not necessarily the first priority when you are pregnant. You are obviously all excited and happy to welcome a new life into the world. However, the status of your job role that existed before the pregnancy, during and after maternity plays a big role in deciding your financial stability, which needs to be stronger after a new family member comes in.

Pregnancy is definitely possible along with career and work; there are many women who even go to offices till the last trimester and then straight enter the delivery room. However, many factors like health conditions, complications and rest recommended are to be considered while you decide to take on work during pregnancy. Here are some important tips that would help you to keep along career steadily along your pregnancy and motherhood –

pregnancy and career

Your Mental Preparation

Mind is the temple where you can create the ambience you want to live in. You need to be confident about your health and also the capability of being able to work. You will have to motivate yourself that you can handle both steadily and give both equal importance; by analysing the momentary priorities.

Keep your Physical Health Intact

Unless you are in your best physical self you just cannot actually decide to handle work and pregnancy simultaneously. In 90% cases, pregnancy brings on issues like morning sickness, nausea, blood pressure issues and other complications. You will have to deal with all of these patiently and yet be ready for the job. Thus, adopt every measure to stay physically fit.

Avoid Stress

Workplace will obviously bring targets, competition, challenges and organisational requirements; it is solely your adaptability to the situation. During pregnancy, the first priority is your child; thus do not be unduly stressed by the official comments made by your boss or about meeting deadlines etc. The best step would be to inform your colleagues about your physical state and request them to co-operate with you in the coming months.

Look for Home Based Jobs

Many companies offer the expected moms an opportunity to work from home so that they can spend their precious months taking care of the baby and also staying connected with career. If you wish to have such a facility and your company does not allow it; you can even consider quitting that job and opt for home based jobs like consulting, blogging, article writing, data entry jobs, online tutorials etc.

Never Whine

It was your choice to continue working during pregnancy, thus do not whine when you get exhausted at work which would be a very common phenomenon. You can take a catnap during your lunch hour, and stick to healthy food habits instead of giving upto cravings that might disturb your stomach. Take brisk walks during breaks, keep yourself hydrated, and keep medicines handy and mouth freshener ready to cope with nausea and morning sickness.

Travelling Should be Smooth

The major reason why doctors recommend not to work during pregnancy is the strain of travelling; very few are those women who have offices in neighbourhood. If you need to handle the jerks and jumps of public vehicle regularly while travelling to office, pregnancy can be at risk!

These tips are more than enough to keep your career and pregnancy at par; however the first advice should be taken from the doctor if your health permits to continue with job.


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