Pregnancy Apps and their Advantages

Being pregnant is one of the most crucial periods of your life and you need to make the most of it. Like all other fields of life today, pregnancy also can be made more enjoyable and fruitful with the help of multiple apps which are designed specifically for pregnant women.

Moving around and getting updated with the outdoor happenings is always not possible during pregnancy; aspects like shopping, knowing about foetus development every week, staying in proper shape even with your baby bum are some important information that these apps deal with. Given below are some of the pregnancy apps and their benefits for you:

pregnancy apps and their advantages

Gerber Pregnancy Calendar

Using this app, you can literally keep track of each and every minute of your pregnancy if you want!  You can save and protect every single bit of information about your baby, such as audio recording of baby’s heartbeat, ultrasound images of the baby at various stages and also your doctor appointments. Additionally, you have the option of searching for the best healthy snacks during pregnancy with snack finder in this app.

Pilates for Pregnancy

This app is specifically for those health conscious mothers who intend to keep their body in shape during pregnancy as well. This app is excellent for pregnant women as it has exercises and workout specifically designed for pregnancy. This app is much more than a pregnancy safe workout app, as it can also be used as photo album, journal or a planner.

Babybump Pregnancy Pro

This is one of the most popular pregnancy apps which features host of things like information from multiple forums and photo albums. This helps you keep track of variations in body weight and contractions as well as record bay’s kicks and heart beats. Moreover it helps you to do online shopping in their store and get in touch with other pregnant women via various forums. This app is available for both iOS and Android platform.

Contraction Timer

This is another popular pregnancy app which helps you time contractions and their duration. Unlike other means, in this app you do not need to check the clock or watch tediously to time your contractions. You can track the frequency and duration of contractions with the assistance of your doctor or partner in this. As of now this app is available on Android only.

Baby Names

This is a fun pregnancy app free for IOS and Android users, through which you can search the names for your baby. It gives you access to as much as 30,000 baby names along with the exact meanings, pronunciation, origin and spelling of each name.

Besides the above given there are many other apps designed especially for pregnancy that helps you to track and record your special moments, share photos and videos and even get answer to various queries that pops up in your mind during pregnancy. So make use of these apps and make your pregnancy phase enjoyable and comfortable.


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