Dealing with Pregnancy Insomnia

There are a lot of women talking about pregnancy insomnia these days. This means that pregnant women can’t fall asleep after going to bed or they wake up in the middle of the night and they can’t go back to sleep.

Since you can’t really take any medication, there are some other ways to fight the problem.

Going to bed drowsy and avoiding insomnia during pregnancy

It is possible that the problem is that when you go to bed you aren’t ready to sleep from an emotional or physical point of view. If you go to bed when you are truly sleepy, you can increase your chances of falling asleep quite fast. To make your situation better, you shouldn’t have any caffeine.

Pregnancy InsomniaIn order not to be affected by insomnia during pregnancy you shouldn’t have any vigorous exercises during the late afternoon and avoid having heavy discussions right before going to be or in bed. It may be a very good idea to use some relaxation techniques alone or along with your partner.

Sleep inducing snack

Having some food to comfort you isn’t always something bad. There are some foods that can help you with pregnancy insomnia.

For instance you could try having some turkey or warm milk. Nonetheless make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you won’t have heartburns during the night.

Warm water

There is a lot that a hot bath could do for you regarding insomnia during pregnancy. It can relax women and it also makes the soreness that accompanies pregnancy better while preparing you for sleeping. You could use this trick at bedtime, but also in the middle of the night. Another trick is to read in the tub.

Reading and mindless work

Shutting down your brain really helps with pregnancy insomnia. For this you should do a bit of reading, crafting or watching television. During pregnancy all women think about is what they have left to do. If you are able to stop thinking it may be easier to actually fall asleep.

Nonetheless when you are faced with insomnia during pregnancy you should stay away from tense novels and mystery novels if these upset you. Also it’s not the best idea to read pregnancy books, but it seems to work out well to read some baby names that you could choose from.

Get up

If you are affected by pregnancy insomnia, the best thing is to get up and do something else. Maybe all you need is a change of location. Have a limit for which you stay in bed while trying to fall asleep. This could be of 30-60 minutes. If you are fighting the problem, you will only get frustrated.

It is said regarding insomnia during pregnancy that it may be productive to do things alone during the night because it prepares women for the sleepless nights after the baby arrives.

You could be thinking about pregnancy insomnia as something that offers you a chance to be productive even during the night.


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