4 Pregnancy Myths to Debunk

There are myths to everything and pregnancy is no exception.

Pregnancy myths have grown throughout the ages and are based on what was thought to be true before medicine and science became so well-known. It is important to go through some of the myths to determine how true they really are.

Pregnancy myth 1: If you’re pregnant, you will get stretch marks

This has been one of the common pregnancy myths for years but it is not true. Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched quickly, which means that everyone is prone to getting them; either due to pregnancy or because they have put on weight quickly. However, there are women who will not get any marks at all; and that includes pregnant women.

Pregnancy myth 2: Predicting the sex of the baby

stretch markThere are many pregnancy myths that people believe will help in predicting the baby’s sex and two of them are extremely popular. The first is how the unborn is being carried.

Many believe that if it is high then you are carrying a girl; carried low, the baby is a boy.

There is nothing scientific to link to this. The position that the baby is carried in will be dependent on how close you are to delivery and the size of the unborn.

The second myth is due to the types of foods that you are craving. According to the myth, if you are craving salty foods then you are carrying a boy; sweet foods mean you are carrying a girl. However, science does not link to this.

The truth is that every woman is different and each pregnancy is different. To determine the sex of the child just ask your doctor when you go for your ultrasounds.

Another pregnancy myth is that heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will be born with lots of hair. Heartburn is a common discomfort during this state and is no way an accurate predictor of baby being born with lots of hair. Women with this problem have welcomed baldies into the world.

Pregnancy myth 3: Sex will hurt the baby

One of the most common pregnancy myths that doctors hear is that sex will hurt the baby. The good news is that this is completely false. The baby is protected by seven skin layers and the cervix becomes harder and longer to stop anything from getting to the uterus and harming the baby. It is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy – the question is just whether mom and dad want to have sex during this time.

Pregnancy myth 4: Your back will hurt during pregnancy

This is one of the pregnancy myths that comes from the fact that most pregnant women will suffer from backache at some point during their pregnancy. However, the main word there is “most” and not “all”. There are many women who will not suffer from any pain during their pregnancy term.

There are also many ways to avoid the pain in your back as the fetus grows. Simple tips like watching your posture and not wearing high heels will help to lower the chances of having back pain while carrying the baby.


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