Pregnancy Nausea Remedies for Throughout the Day

While pregnancy is a joyful time, there are a few things that are not so great – morning sickness is just one of those. Annoyingly, morning sickness does not just attack in the morning – it should probably be renamed to “any time of the day sickness”. However, there are some pregnancy nausea remedies to help deal with the first trimester.

There are no over the counter pregnancy nausea remedies available since many have been linked to birth defects. Because of this, you need to start looking into natural forms to aid with soothing this horrible pregnancy symptom.

Pregnancy nausea remedies before you get up

The whole reason why it is called morning sickness is due to the fact that most will feel sick before they eat something. This is due to the new amount of hormones that are in your body. If you feel nauseated before you get up, consider having something small to eat at the side of your bed. Salted crackers and some water are the best way to start the day.tea

The hormones will create extra acid in your stomach but the crackers will help to absorb this. Eat them slowly to get the best results. These are great to snack on throughout the day, especially if you suffer from sickness in the afternoon or evening, because they are light.

Drink tea to help with the nausea

A hot cup of tea during the day will help to soothe the stomach. Try to avoid caffeinated tea where possible and consider buying herbal teas.

These make great pregnancy nausea remedies because they taste great at the same time. There are many different flavors available but chamomile or lemon and ginger have been known to aid with the symptoms.

You do not need to drink the tea hot, either. This pregnancy nausea remedy comes in different flavors that work well when chilled, and will still help with the sickly feeling just as well.

Chamomile tea is an excellent option when it comes to this pregnancy nausea remedy because the herb is safe during this delicate time.

Lollipops as a pregnancy nausea remedy

Sugar will help to calm the stomach, which is why lollipops or some type of boiled candy will help. These sweets come in a variety of flavors and there are a number of manufacturers who make them as specific pregnancy nausea remedies; they include ingredients like lemon, peppermint and spearmint to aid with an unsettled stomach.

However, sugar-free options also work as pregnancy nausea remedies. The benefit is that they keep the mouth moist while also adding something on the stomach. The worst thing that you can do is allow your stomach to get empty – this is when the nausea will attack you the most.

It is worth trying any pregnancy nausea remedy that you find at least once; this is the only way to find out whether it will work for you or not. However, before you consider using herbs, you should consult your doctor to ensure that they will not cause harm to you or your unborn child.


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