More About Pregnancy Stomach Pain

There are a lot of things that pregnant women have to think about, such as pregnancy stomach pain. The truth is that this is a common complaint and in some cases it doesn’t mean anything. However in other cases it is possible that it suggests something more serious.

This isn’t always something bad

For sure you know that during pregnancy there are a lot of changes going on in the body of women and it is possible that the cramping is just a sign of these changes. The changes start happening as soon as the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus. The body starts being driven by the pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy Stomach PainAs a result of the changes and the fluctuations of the hormone levels the stomach pain when being pregnant could be something entirely normal. It is also possible that you will experience some discomfort in the pelvic region as well.

Strength of the cramps

The truth is that the stomach pain while pregnant shouldn’t be as strong as the menstrual cramps. In some cases these pains are caused by the stretching of the ligaments that make it possible for the uterus to grow. Usually the pain is something more like tugging. In this case there is nothing to worry about.


You have to be prepared for the fact regarding stomach pain while being pregnant that during your pregnancy there will be more pressure on the ligaments and joints. As a result it is no wonder that you will feel some aches. Most probably you will see that the pain that you feel is more severe on the right side.

When it comes to abdominal pain during pregnancy the pain is worse on the right side because as the pregnancy progresses the uterus has the tendency to tilt. It is also possible that if you have intercourse or orgasms during pregnancy they will also bring in some abdominal pain.

Being unwell

Some of the women also feel unwell besides pregnancy stomach pain. If this is the case it is possible that you have some kind of illness that has nothing to do with your pregnancy. Stomach cramps can also be caused by kidney stones, urinary tract infection, gall bladder or appendicitis.

How to make the abdominal pain while being pregnant better?

One of the things that you could do is to lie down on the opposite side where you feel the pain. It is also a good idea to have a warm bath. As a home remedy you could also use a warm bottle to make the pain better. A warm wheat bag could also have benefic effects.

Could it be serious?

The truth is that the abdominal pain when being pregnant could turn out to be something serious. In this case you should also look out for the other symptoms, like spotting or bleeding.

Now you have a better understanding about stomach pain while pregnant. If you experience cramps, most probably it is something normal.


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