How Much Weight Should You Gain in The First Trimester?

Weight gain during pregnancy is very important as it assures a safe and healthy pregnancy. It occurs normally with every pregnancy but may vary form woman to woman. The first trimester is accompanied by a lot of body changes among them an increase in weight.

The one question that rings in pregnant women and especially new-to-be mothers is how much weight should you gain in the first trimester?

How much weight should you gain in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Most pregnant women often experience some slight weight gain in the beginning of pregnancy. This is mostly about four to five pounds in the early stages of the first trimester though it may vary with different women. As the first trimester progresses and activity levels reduced, more weight is gained up to ten pounds or more.

How Much Weight Should You Gain in the First TrimesterThis weight gain may also be contributed by water weight gain which is key to the baby’s development. Though most of the weight gained during pregnancy is evenly spread during the entire pregnancy period especially during the last two trimesters, it is recommended that you keep a close watch on your weight gain. So, exactly how much weight should you gain in the first trimester?

The recommended weight gain during the first trimester is around three to five pounds. This is usually the smallest weight gain compared to later stages of pregnancy but is the most vital of all. The first trimester is very crucial especially in terms of nutrition.

Any excess weight gained during this period should be closely monitored by a health specialist as it may not be healthy for the initial developing stages of the baby. Throughout pregnancy, an average sized woman should gain around 25 to 35 pounds and if you are overweight before getting pregnant, healthy weight gain should be in the range of 15 to 25 pounds.

Healthy weight gain

Even with the constant questions that many women keep asking about how much weight should you gain in the first trimester, the most important thing is to eat healthy at all times. The first trimester is especially important and you should ensure that you are taking foods full of the essential nutrients for infant development and growth. However, avoid taking too much food and instead make it a habit to eat small meals every few hours so as to facilitate digestion and absorption throughout the day.

Out of the average 25 to 25 pounds usually gained during pregnancy only about seven to eight pounds are of the baby in the womb. The rest of the weight is made up of amniotic fluid, extra blood volume, increase body fluids, nutrients and fats and the increased size of breasts and uterus.

Rather than ask how much weight should you gain in the first trimester, how about, monitoring your nutrient intake and following dietary recommendation from your health professional. This ensures that you gain healthy weight both for you and your baby during your first trimester and the rest of the pregnancy period.


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