Importance Of Gaining Weight With Multiples

Are you carrying a multiple pregnancy? Whether you are shocked or ecstatic and overwhelmed, at this point your head will be spinning with questions.

Among those, the important question at this moment is how much weight you should expect to gain during the coming months of your pregnancy.

The amount of weight you gain in the first half of the pregnancy has a significant impact on your baby’s development in the second half.

The pounds you add now will help your baby’s sustenance in the future life.weight gain

Importance of weight gain with multiples

Consuming the right quantities and gaining the right amount of weight is very important whether your pregnancy has a single fetus or multiple fetuses.

However, weight gain is particularly important when you carry multiples because there is a greater risk of low birth weight and preterm labor.

Gaining weight is more important between 20-24 weeks of pregnancy. If a woman carrying twins gains 24 pounds by the 24th gestational week, she is less likely to undergo preterm labor.

Weight gain during the early period of pregnancy is also essential for the proper development of placenta, which is the basis for supplying nutrients to your baby.

Right amount of weight you need to gain with multiple pregnancies

Gaining weight during pregnancy depends on various factors like your body type, height and weight during the previous pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are carrying twins should gain 35-45 pounds and women carrying triplets should gain 45-60 pounds.

Recommended weight gain with multiple pregnancies:

Multiples First trimester Second Trimester Third Trimester Total
Twin pregnancy





Triplet pregnancy





Quadruplet pregnancy





Quintuplet pregnancy





It is most important to talk with your healthcare provider about specific weight gain.

Weight gain during different periods of pregnancy:

  • If you are carrying twins, you will gain 4-6 pounds during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the second and third trimesters, you will gain 1½ pounds per every week.
  • If you are carrying triplets, you will gain 1½ pounds for every week throughout the pregnancy period.

However, you still need to consult your healthcare provider and discuss whether your weight gain is correct for your baby’s development or not.

You need to think in a positive way while gaining this much amount of weight. Gaining nearly 50 pounds or higher can be staggering and frightening for everyone.

Try to keep it in perspective. Gaining the right amount of weight is a good thing as it is an indication for the healthy growth of your babies.


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