Multiple Pregnancies And The Weight You Should Gain

If you are pregnant with multiple babies then you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed.

You may have a lot of questions about the changes your body will be going through.

This multiple pregnancy was totally unexpected and you are unsure what to do now.

When you are pregnant it is natural to gain some weight but with multiples you are probably wondering how much weight gain during pregnancy is safe and necessary for you to gain.pregnancy weight gain

Your main concern is of course your health and your multiple babies’ health. You will not only want to eat the right quantity of food for good health but the right types of food also.

Gaining Enough Weight

It is really important when you are pregnant with multiple babies to gain the right amount of weight. You will want your babies to weigh enough so that they can survive after birth. Usually multiple birth babies have a low birth weight.

This is something that you will want to try to avoid. Gaining weight is a necessity between weeks twenty[20 weeks pregnant] and twenty four during your pregnancy.

Weight gain early in your pregnancy is really important. This will help in the development of your placenta that provides the nutrients that your babies will need.

How Much Weight Should You Gain?

The amount of weight you should gain is based on several factors. One thing it will depend upon is how much you weighed before you got pregnant.

Being underweight before you were pregnant means that you will need to gain more weight than a person who was overweight before pregnancy. You will need to ask your physician how much weight to gain if you were really overweight before you became pregnant.

During the First Trimester

When you are pregnant carrying multiple babies you will probably be fighting a lot of morning sickness during your first trimester. You may feel queasy all the time and it may be hard for you to keep any food down.

If you will eat in small amounts more frequently during this trimester it will help you and your babies. You should try to gain at least a pound a week during the first trimester if at all possible.

Weight Gain during the Second Trimester

During your next trimester your morning sickness will probably go away for the most part. If you could not gain hardly any weight during the first trimester then you may want to try and catch up by gaining at least one and a half pounds per week during your second trimester.

Eating foods that are rich in calcium and protein will help you to obtain the nutrients that your body and babies need. Since your nausea has went away gaining one and a half pounds a week should be easy for you to do.

Maintaining Weight Gain in the Third Trimester

In the third trimester you should try to maintain your eating habits and continue to gain at least one and a half pounds per week. You may not gain this every week but the weight you gain now will help your babies to be healthy when they are born.

Keep in mind that the weight you gain can be lost after pregnancy.


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