Problems with Using a Pregnancy Weight Tracker

Not all women will gain the same amount of weight during pregnancy. There are a number of different factors that will have an effect on this. This will mean that it can be difficult to follow a general pregnancy weight tracker.

Pregnancy weight tracker problems with twins

If you are having twins, or even multiple pregnancies, then you will end up putting on more weight than if you were just having one baby. However, in the very early stages, this is not something that you will know so it may seem like you are putting on more weight than a weight tracker will tell you.Pregnancy Weight Tracker

It is important to stick to a healthy diet while pregnant so that you will avoid piling on the pounds but do expect some weight gain – this is a healthy sign.

Wait until a scan shows whether there is more than one baby and then talk to your midwife about the weight that you are gaining and what is expected for you.

Pregnancy weight tracker problems with morning sickness

There are some women who will lose more weight during the early stages of their pregnancy. This is usually due to morning sickness, which prevents them from eating the amount of calories that they need to.

Morning sickness will usually end as you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy, so there are chances that you will go back to eating like normal.

There is no need to worry about morning sickness unless it is excessive and you are struggling to keep liquids down, as well as foods. If this is the case, you will not be getting enough nutrients to help with your baby’s development so you will need to speak to your doctor immediately.

The pregnancy weight tracker will depend on your size

Your starting weight will determine the amount of weight that you will put on throughout the pregnancy. For those who are underweight, you will usually put on a lot more than someone who is overweight. This will need to be taken into account, which most online pregnancy weight trackers will do.

For those who are underweight, a normal weight gain is between 28 and 40 pounds. For those who are of a healthy weight, you should expect to put on between 25 and 35 pounds. Finally, if you are overweight, it is likely that you will put on between 15 and 25 pounds.

Dangers of putting on too much weight

It is important to follow a pregnancy weight tracker, once you find out what you are expecting to put on. This is because putting on too much weight carries more dangers and you will be more at risk of having a caesarian section for delivery. You will also find that the weight stays on after the pregnancy and is difficult to shift.

There are also dangers for the baby. The first is that the babies will usually be much larger due to you feeding it more. There are chances that the baby will be too large for delivery; this leads to complications with the labor, which puts both mom and baby at serious risks.


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