7 Main Reasons for Weight Gain After Surgery

You might have noticed that most women who undergo surgery or C-section type of delivery tend put on weight. Soon after the delivery, if you feel you are gaining weight, then you should not get surprised. The process of putting on weight right after a surgery is natural. There are several reasons associated with weight gain. There is one important reason connected to this.The sudden weight gain in a woman’s body just after the surgery is not uncommon.

After the surgery, a few pounds are likely to develop in your body. The extra pounds which you gather in your body is because of the C-section delivery which happens at the time of birth of your baby. It has been noted that around 80% women go through sudden weight gain after their pregnancy. If you had tonsillectomy surgery, then also you are most likely to gain weight.

It is not hard to drop weight after pregnancy, but these are few of the matters that must be addressed if you are not following with your weight loss efforts.

7 Main Reasons for Weight Gain After Surgery

Here are some of the main problems that lead to weight gain in women after a surgery:

  • Fluid Retention

If you are thinking why you are putting on weight after pregnancy, then you should know that it is the retention of fluid in your body which makes you put on weight after delivery. In medical language, the fluid retention is known as edema. The water which gets retained in the spaces between your organs result into post-surgery plump look. There are symptoms which will signal you that you in the form of swollen feet and hands.

  • Trauma

A body undergoes a traumatic state when a surgery is performed on a body. This leads to inflammation which happens due to water retention. If the surgery takes place due to some other accident, then the chances of fluid retention get increased a lot more. The less your body undergoes a surgery, the less plump you be.

  • Stress

The main reason of hormonal imbalance is the stress which increases the fluid retention in a woman’s body. If a surgery happens due to minimize stress, then you will notice high levels of anti-diuretic hormone. As a result, you will gain a lot of weight. Aside from that, the drugs which a patient takes to tackle post-surgery complexities can retain water in the body.

  • Stagnation

Generally, once the surgery is done, a person tends to do less work or a person is less likely to involve in a physical activity.  Owing to less workout and exercise, the person will gain weight naturally. To keep weight in check, you need to do some mild workout after surgery. The workouts will keep you away from depression which might take place after surgery.

  • Comfort Food

It has been observed that patients often fall prey to comfort food which make them gain weight immensely. After post-delivery, women get allured to consume foods in a large amount. The foods which you were not allowed to eat during pregnancy, you fall prey to such foods. As a result, you start putting on weight. Without caring about calories, you binge on food which contains high number of calories, resulting in excessive weight.

Diet control is essential in order to shed those extra pounds. This is another vice that most patients fall victim to. After all you have been through, it may seem like there is no better time to pamper yourself a little.

This comfort food factor is what causes weight gain after surgery. The post-surgery blues are another reason patient grow overindulgent with comfort foods and end up regretting those extra calories later.

  • Thyroid

Weight gain cannot always be measured an indication of development and weight loss can also not be known as a consequence of some disease. But both these circumstances should not be mistreated or ignored.

About 10 percent of women experience thyroid difficulties after pregnancy. Also known as postnatal thyroid it is, this disorder can give unbalanced levels of hormone production. A thyroid leads to weight gain and might need good treatment if the problem continues even after the pregnancy.


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